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Zeros is the loyal pet cat of Victoria Terpsichore.

Zeros was with Terpsichore since she was married to Ural. Zeros traveled with VT on all her trucking runs, and was well known by others in the trucking business. Zeros was sometimes even greeted by VT's acquaintances before they address her.

Relative to other cats, Zeros had above average intelligence, often understanding the speech and intent of humans. Zeros was also comfortable in zero-gravity environments. Zeros was happy wearing a seat-belt while in VT's truck and sat in a stool at a bar next to VT. When VT met Spike Spiegel and learned he was a bounty hunter, Zeros seemed to gently protest her immediate dislike of him, desiring her to give him a chance.

When VT opened her truck in order to allow Spike to jump in, Zeros had to hold on to something.[1]