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Zebra was a member of the Self Defense Volunteer Squad until becoming paralyzed and captured by Wen.

Zebra served in the Squad and was one of Giraffe's comrades for years. In 2061, Zebra infiltrated a secret research facility with Giraffe to reclaim it. A few days later, Zebra was abducted and used by Wen to provide cover as his invalid father. For ten years, Zebra was kept in a paralyzed state until 2071 when Giraffe confronted Wen in a high-rise hotel. Zebra watched as Wen shot Giraffe and he fell out through the window.

Giraffe was being followed by Spike Spiegel, as he had a bounty on his head. Zebra was with Wen when he cornered and questioned Spike about his motives and warned him to stay away. Spike didn't relent, however, and, during the shoot-out, Zebra was pushed down the stairs so Wen could make an escape. He was taken to the Bebop where the crew realized he was actually aware of his surroundings, as he shed a tear. Jet Black used the Alfa Catch on Zebra in order to probe his memories of Giraffe, finding out the true details of his death and his intentions.[1]