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Yoko Kanno (菅野 よう子 Kanno Yōko?), born March 19, 1964 in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan, is a composer, arranger and musician who scored for the Cowboy Bebop anime series, movie, video games, and the live-action remake. She is also the keyboardist and frontwoman for the band The Seatbelts.


Yoko Kanno first appeared on the music scene playing keyboards in the group Tetsu 100%, while she was still studying at Waseda University. After the group broke up, she began working as a composer and arranger in TV commercials, and won several music prizes. She has also worked on films, TV, and with Miki Imai and Kyoko Koizumi. Her compositions for anime include Macross Plus, Escaflowne and Brain Powered.[1]

Kanno also used the name Gabriela Robin in several songs for Cowboy Bebop for vocalist parts. She waited a few years before revealing that she was, in fact, Robin, at the 2009 Tanabata Sonic concert.[2][3][4]

History in Cowboy Bebop[]

Yoko Kanno, often referred to as simply Y.K., led the band The Seatbelts starting in 2048, and the band immediately took off in popularity. She wrote all the tracks. Despite this, little information about her remained into 2071. What little information remained suggested she was a former pro wrestler, a "stellar babe" and totally feline.[5][6]