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Woodcock is an old acquaintance of Jet Black and is an original character in the Cowboy Bebop (Netflix) adaptation.


Woodcock has bright ginger hair and green eyes. She wears a short leather jacket over a leopard pattern outfit.


Confident as well as flirtatious, Woodcock is shown to be a dependable information broker for Jet.



In order to get more information on Hakin from a security footage camera, Jet contacts Woodcock and she appears on the ship via hologram. Immediately she starts a flirtatious conversation with Jet who introduces her to Spike. After Spike introduces himself, she mentions Jet's old ISSP name, but is stopped by Jet who asks for more information on their target Hakim and reassures him that Hakim's targets are all refugees from Earth. Furthermore, she reveals that she handed over any video footage that she had to the ISSP already, but Jet claims that it wasn't the raw footage. Woodcock confirms Jet's notion with a smile and in exchange for the information, Jet has to treat her to dinner. Reluctantly, Jet agrees and Woodcock transfers over the information to him.[1]

Seeking whatever information he could get on Le Fou whose encounter with Spike had him badly burned. Jet meets with Woodcock by a food truck who remarks that she wishes they could have met at a place more "candlelit". However, from the information that she found on Le Fou, she found it sufficient enough to satiate her interests. Jet then remarks how the information that she found was bad, but Woodcock states that what she found was seriously bad. She then presents Jet with a folder with a picture and a business card attached to a paper clip on it, however, the folder was empty. In Woodcock's words, it was to prove a point, mainly that his target is a phantom, and that any information on him was scrubbed clean. Woodcock then asks Jet what authority has that kind of privilege to wipe away any information on someone. Jet then names off a bunch of organizations with that kind of authority, one of them being the Syndicate. This prompts the question from Woodcock to ask what Jet did to get such heat on him, which he answers never. Woodcock believes that Jet wants to live a clean business, but questions if his partner Spike doesn't have any connections to them. The question confuses Jet why Woodcock would consider Spike having any connection to any of the aforementioned organizations, Woodcock then asks if Jet ever did a search on Spike before. Jet answers that he didn't do a search on Spike and that Spike's job interview was saving his life and doesn't question his integrity when he saves him on a regular basis. To reinforce her point, Woodcock details to Jet that she did some research on Spike and notes how less conspicuous Spike is than Le Fou and that Jet has issues. Dismissing Woodcock's verbal warning, Jet defends Spike as not an issue, which Woodcock understand and drops the subject there and then. Before Jet leaves, he says that he owes Woodcock and she stops him claiming the greater the claim the greater the payback and he better protect himself as she wants what's hers.[2]