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Whitney Haggis Matsumoto is a con-artist who stole Faye Valentine's Identikit in the Cowboy Bebop (Netflix) adaptation.


Whitney has long blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears a light beige dress suit and a big ring.


Cunning, conniving, persuasive, and overall an expert manipulator, Whitney proves herself to be an expert con-artist.



Under the pressure of Faye, Mark Manly contacts her to notify her of another scam victim they can snag. This falls through when Mark is held hostage and later killed by the Callisto Liberation Front. Once Faye gets Mark's phone, she poses as Mark and tries to learn Whitney's location, but midway Whitney learns that it's really Faye and hangs up on her.[1]

Meeting with Faye again, she asks that Faye help her get to Santo City, in exchange, Faye can get her Indentikit back. On the other hand, Faye remarks that the ship is piloted by some Cowboys who would go after her Bounty, but Whitney comments that they wouldn't arrest her "mother". Furthermore, she assures Fay that she'll tell no lies... just some wonderful stories.[2]

On the Bebop, Jet and Spike are introduced to Faye's "Mother" Whitney. Seeing that Spike has a migraine, she does a bit of chiropractics on Spike's back to relieve him of his migraine. Although Faye wants to drop her mother at Santo City, Jet claims that the Bebop is grounded so that he can attend Kimmie's recital. However, instead of concurring with Faye's statement, Whitney downplays the urgency and chats with Jet and Spike about being on the lam from her ex-husband. Spike buys into Whitney's plea to get to Santo City noting he has a soft spot for mothers. Spotting bags of bell peppers, Whitney offers to make some roast bell pepper dumplings for the crew. As she prepares the food, Faye and Whitney talk with each other about Faye's reluctance to play along with Whitney's scheme, and Jet suspects that Whitney isn't all that she seems. Jet then asks Whitney a few questions related to Faye's past and Whitney along with Faye seemingly manage to convince Jet.[2]

Afterward, Jet does a facial recognition scan of Whitney's face and learns that she goes under numerous identities and each one is wanted Bounty head. Spike finds the news amusing in contrast to Jet's frustration. Faye then appears and confesses that Whitney isn't her real mother, but a con artist that swindled her of her money after she had awoken from her cryosleep. Despite Faye's reasoning, Jet was furious that she lied to him and broke his trust in her. Confessing that she did in fact mess up, the Bebop is hacked into and the most notorious arms dealer in the solar system the Iron Mink appears before them via hologram. He demands that they hand over Whitney within an hour or else he'll blow up the ship with them all in it. Jet then claims that Mink has the wrong ship, Whitney makes her appearance and claims that he told Mink to "F- Off", but he claims he would and kill her had she not have been his wife. In response to that, Whitney proclaims that the Cowboys would protect her from him and when given the chance, Jet destroys the holo-machine and suggests they jump ship.[2]

At Santo City, Jet and Faye have a brief argument over their personal problems, Jet finds a tracker in Whitney's wedding ring. In order to get Faye's Identikit, Jet agrees to set Whitney loose and have her take Faye to where it is, while Jet and Spike act as decoys to the Iron Mink. The two manage to swindle a car from a valet, but later it breaks down and Whitney has Faye fix the flat tire. As Faye fixes the flat, both Whitney and Faye have a heart-to-heart with each other and bond over it. Eventually, the two manage to make it to where Faye's Identikit is at, but the Iron Mink accompanied by a man named Dimitri finds them and threatens to kill them. Faye pleads with Mink to let them live, but he instead decides to kill them both, but Whitney instead says, "Saddle Stitch". The word was a safe word and because Whitney said this word, Mink points his gun at Dimitri and the two start to make out. It's revealed that Mink chasing after Whitney was in reality just a "kinky" role play they played with each other. When they're both distracted, Faye steals her Identikit and Whitney's spaceship and makes a break for it, leaving Whitney impressed.[2]