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Want It All Back is a song from Cowboy Bebop. It is performed by the Seatbelts, sung by Mai Yamane, and featured on the album No Disc.

The song featured in the session preview for Stray Dog Strut.[1] The song also featured as Ein jumped out of the suitcase he was carried in, as all the animals in Animal Treasure broke out along with him, as Abdul Hakim chased after Ein, Spike Spiegel chasing him, and some scientists from the research lab. Then, as Spike and Hakim faced off and jumped into a river.[2] The song featured in the preview for Wild Horses.[3]


You said you wanted to see Paris.

So I took you to the movie.

"Bon Amie" or something French like that.

And then you said you were embarrassed.

Because I never bought you jewelry.

Television shopping fixed all that.

Funny thing.

Cause I haven't seen you lately.

When I called your house.

It wasn't you who told me.

I heard it all.

From your dad.

I used up all my money on you Baby.

And I want it back.