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"Let's hit it big!"

Victoria Terpsichore, more widely known as simply "VT" was a well-respected, interstellar trucker with the nickname "Heavy Metal Queen". Her late husband was the famous bounty hunter, Ural Terpsichore, but that was not widely known by others.

Although Terpsichore loved her husband, she came to hate his profession, especially when it killed him. She would despise all other bounty hunters afterwards, calling them "lowlife bounty hunter scum." Furthermore, she preferred not to use her full name, simply introducing herself as VT so that no one would know of her relationship to Ural. The other truckers had some fun with this, perpetuating a bet to see who can guess her full name, which she encouraged.

During her travels, she had a cat, Zeros, who was her constant companion and almost as well known as herself among the community.

Terpsichore often went to Mac's Diner during trucking jobs. One day, she found it very busy, as several bounty hunters were present looking for an explosive-smuggling criminal named Decker. They inevitably began to harass Muriel and Terpsichore defended her. A bar brawl ensued which brought Spike Spiegel, also in the bar, into the fight on her side. After they threw out the offending bounty hunters, Spike and VT seemed to become fast friends until she learned Spike was a bounty hunter as well. Later, however, she would call on him when she learned from Otto of someone who ran into him and drove off without paying. She realized it was Decker, contacted Spike and followed him into the Linus Mine. Decker tried to destroy her ship, but it backfired on himself, killing him. Terpsichore was now forced to work with Spike and Faye Valentine to prevent Decker's ship from igniting the entire mine. Fortunately, their plan worked.

Spike realized VT's full name once he saw Ural's picture in her ship, and won the bet.[2]


  • VT's Russian name and blonde hairstyle gives the impression she is an aged homage to Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman to fly in space. 



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