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While browsing a different site, a user asked us to discuss our own theories about Spike Spiegel  and his past. I thought it was a very interesting question, and I was wondering what everyone else thinks! What was Spike's life like prior to the events in Cowboy Bebop? DId he have a family? Was he alone? What do you guys think? 

This is what I think (and remember, this is just my opinion, not to be taken as a fact or canon!). Here goes: I think that Spike's father was probably connected to the syndicate in some way or another. Then, something happened and both of his parents were killed (possibly by a rival syndicate... maybe a trade gone wrong or something) and Spike was taken in by Mao Yenrai  (who was probably a friend of Spike's dad) and was looked after by Annie  and her husband. Mao probably recruited troubled youths which is why he also took in Vicious after the war on Titan. I'm guessing Spike and Vicious were in their late teens when they became official members of the syndicate (keep in mind we don't know how long Spike worked for the Red Dragon prior to the events in Cowboy Bebop). So, I think it went down like this: # At around age 16 Spike loses his parents and Mao takes him in.

  1. At 16 Spike loses both parents and is taken in by Mao.
  2. At age 18 he becomes an official Syndicate member and befriends Vicious.
  3. By age 21 both Spike and Vicious have shown promise and have moved up the ladder and become top members of the Red Dragon, with Spike being the shinning star and being considered to take over some day. (I assume that it was around this time, between the age of 21-23, that Vicious met Julia. However, I am not certain how long Vicious and Julia dated before Spike and Julia started their affair or how long the affair itself lasted... I have my ideas but they can be discussed in another blog post lol).
  4. At age 24 Vicious finds out Spike and Julia are having an affair and Spike fakes his death to escape the syndicate etc.
  5. At age 27 the events of Cowboy Bebop happen as shown in the anime.

So that's my take on Spike's past, and I have no verifiable facts except what we know about Spike's past and his age. What do you guys think? What do you think happened in Spike's life prior to the events in Cowboy Bebop?