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Hi, I'm Jahudo, an Administrator and Contributor on this Wikia. As of December 2009 I have stopped actively working on Cowboy Bebop wikia, from lack of time.



What's your favorite Session?

Probably Mushroom Samba. Ed and Ein make a funny bounty hunting team together.

Who's your favorite Character?

Ed. She has some of the funniest lines in the series and even though she's pushed to being an auxiliary character sometimes, she can still bring that balance of quirkiness and random humor that makes CB one of my favorite shows.

Who's your favorite bad guy / bounty?

Probably the lobster monster from Toys in the Attic. That episode was a good homage to Alien even if it had nothing to do with the series plot.

What's your favorite quote?

I can't think of all the good Edwardisms (as I'm officially trademarking them) so I'll leave a good Spike quote: "Whatever happens, happens".

What's your favorite song?

There's alot of good ones that I still don't know the name to, but my favorite is "Waltz for Zizi". It's a simple and slow song, just acoustic guitar, but the tune is so welcoming and friendly.

Where would you live in the Cowboy Bebop universe?

If I couldn't get the couch on the Bebop, I'd probably live on Mars. It seems like the new epicenter of the solar system and alot of the other terraforming jobs have major drawbacks.

What are your thoughts on the Live action movie?

It's not going to be the same, no live action film can be. The actors aren't going to look or sound exactly like the Spike, Faye, Jet and certainly Ed we know and love, but the live versions may succeed in their own right. Only time will tell.
I'm keeping an open mind because I would enjoy a live action film if it is made correctly. I do not think a bad adaptation would ruin the original series. I'm glad the original creators will be consultants but ultimately the movie will sink or soar with the director.
I'm hopeful that Keanu Reeves can play Spike Spiegel well. He seems to be a big fan of CB and hopefully he will match Spike's unique personality.