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Ural Terpsichore was a legendary bounty hunter. He married Victoria Terpsichore.[1]

Terpsichore was known to like prairie oysters, though his wife thought it was disgusting.[1]

In 2041-2044, Terpsichore was a journalist with the Jupiter Daily on Callisto. One of his efforts in 2041 was writing a favorable article about Shinobu Birdland, a singer. Birdland's agent, Chitami Homiakov, contacted him and thanked him.

During this time he dated Rhona Nemecek.

Three years later in 2044, Homiakov contacted him again about finding the origins of an off-line disc containing scandalous material of Birdland mailed to Homiakov. Reflecting the dead-end nature of his job and the loss of his girlfriend, he decided to look into it.[2]

Terpsichore would later become a bounty hunter and marry Victoria. Unfortunately, he died while pursuing a bounty head.[1]


The character was not credited nor was there dialog.

The character's name is a reference to Ural Mountains, a mountain range that runs approximately from north to south through western Russia