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Udai Taxim was a former prisoner that escaped captivity in the Cowboy Bebop (Netflix) adaptation.


Udai had black hair, a mustache, a goatee, and had dark brown eyes. He wore glasses and a black prison suit.


Not much is known about Udai's personality, but he was loyal to his contact.



Years before the start of the story, Jet and his partner Fad tracked down Udai to an apartment building and when they were close to confronting him, Udai shoots and wounds Fad. Unable to follow in pursuit, Jet leaves Fad behind and pursues Udai himself and soon manages to catch up to him only to be ambushed by an unknown assailant.[1]

In the present, Udai is among the prisoners who escaped a prison ship on Europa. Wanting not only revenge, but answers to who betrayed him, Jet reconnects with his old partner Fad and the two go on a manhunt for Udai. Their search first leads them to a man named Dagmar, who created fake identity papers for Udai. They learn from him that Udai would arrive at his office in a few hours to pick up his papers. Using a couple of false teeth as collateral, Jet demands that Dagmar contact them when Udai comes for his paper, to which, he reluctantly agrees to do. Deducing Udai's next move, Jet and Fad track their target down at a sorting station, Jet finds Udai and demands that he reveal who his contact is. Before Udai could reveal it, he's killed by Fad who reveals that he was his contact.[1]