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"Cheers to the ship that charmed the devil."
―Udai Taxim[src]

Udai Taxim (ウダイ・タクシム?) was an assassin and former member of the European syndicate.


In the 2060s, Udai worked for the European syndicate and became an essential member. He became involved in a plot to kill or injure the former ISSP agent Jet Black, who was one of the few police officers not on the syndicate's payroll. Coordinating with Fad, who was also working for the syndicate, they trapped him in a secluded area and, as a result, Jet lost his left arm and was forced to use a prosthetic one.

In 2071, Udai was captured and transferred on a transport prison ship to Pluto when an electrical short-circuit allowed him and his fellow inmates to hijack the ship. After killing most on board, he suggested a plan to break the line of police which isolated them. He tried to get back in contact with the syndicate for help, but they refused. He was forced to make a stand with the other inmates. Jet and Fad tracked the ship down and boarded it. Seeing Jet appear on the video feed, he leaves to confront him saying, 'This one's mine, understand?'. After a brief gunfight, Udai and Jet begin fighting hand-to-hand while simultaneously conversing over their shared history. Jet accuses him of the arm he lost and gains the upper hand until Udai stabs him in the leg. Udai then reveals that he wasn't the one who fired the gun that made Jet lose his arm. Rather, it was his old partner. After revealing the secret, he is shot in the head by Fad before he and Jet can continue their fight.[1]

Appearance and Personality[]

Udai is a 6'2", bespectacled, skinny man with a thin mustache. In his younger years, he was clean shaven and straightened his hair to pull it back in a ponytail. When speaking, he is quite soft-spoken and calm.

Under his skinny frame is a physically-perfect being who is well-versed in hand-to-hand combat and martial arts, being able to best Jet and fight him single-handedly. Like Spike's enemy, Vicious, he is an underling for the European branch of The Syndicate, being their personal assassin. Jet describes him as being 'very old-fashioned' and 'doesn't really belong in this day and age'. He also has no qualms about killing those who stand in his way, yet still feels loyalty to The Syndicate before he realizes they betrayed him.

He is also manipulative and ruthless and has no qualms in killing anybody in his way.[1]


  • He uses the same knives as Navajas, the knife thrower from Desperados (1995).