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"Hello there, my friend. Welcome to hell."
―Tucan before firing on Jet[src]

Tucan was a criminal, captured and incarcerated on board a prison ship headed towards Pluto. A technical malfunction on the ship allowed Tucan and the other prisoners to escape and stage a successful uprising. The escapees took control of the ship and killed most of the crew. He then met Udai Taxim, finding him a bit ruthless but later recognizing him as part of the European syndicate. Joining the others and the one remaining live pilot in the cockpit, he entered discussions about their plan of action. He objected to the other inmate, Dig, who killed the pilot when he spoke up.

Later, he manned the defense turret when Jet Black and Fad attacked. He failed to shoot Jet down and later met him in person. He fired at the bounty hunter but was subdued. He soon decided he and his comrades couldn't win and tried to escape the ship during the raid. Unbeknownst to him, his escape route was impacted by Fad's ship, and the air escaped in the section. When he opened the door to that section, he was pulled in and died.[1]