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Tsutomu Isobe is a Japanese actor and voice actor who provided the Japanese voice for Vincent Volaju in Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' on Heaven's Door.


After reading Drama at Toho Gakuin Junior College, Isobe joined the Haiyuza theater, where he studied under Yoshiya Senda. Five years later, he performed lead roles in Haiyuza’s productions of Hamlet and As You Like It, and appeared in the film Saraba Tomoyo (Good-bye Flickmania). Since then, he has continued to appear in Haiyuza productions, and also on TV. He played Yasubei Horibe in the NHK drama Toge no Gunzo (Statues on the Ridge). He has also provided the voices of actors such as Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson and Richard Gere in the Japanese dubs of Hollywood movies.[1]