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TJ? That place is for small fries.
— Spike Spiegel

Tijuana (aka TJ) was an asteroid and colony in the asteroid belt.


The artificial environment of Tijuana was arid and desert-like, with grassland regions. The city had large metropolitan areas and highways. There was a police force on Tijuana as well. The El Ray and Denis Bar were located on Tijuana.[1]


Asimov Solensan met Katerina Solensan on Tijuana in order to raise money for a trip to Mars. Instead, they fought syndicate soldiers, from whom Asimov stole Red Eye, and the crew of the Bebop, who were after Asimov's bounty. Eventually, Asimov and Katerina were killed.[1]

Trivia []

  • The asteroid colony of Tijuana is named after the present-day border city in Mexico's Baja California, thus the Mexican cultural elements depicted in this session (such as the sombrero Spike wears). However, the asteroid also seems to be very culturally diverse, with many street signs in English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Arabic, and Hindi in addition to Spanish.
  • Zona Norte, mentioned by Laughing Bull as a section of the colony, is actually a red light district in present-day Tijuana, Mexico.
  • In the Netflix adaptation the place is called New Tijuana instead.