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The Three Old Men are three reoccurring characters that appear in the Cowboy Bebop (Netflix) adaptation.


Carlos is a dark-skinned man with Black hair worn in dreadlocks, a matching color bushy mustache, and brown eyes. He wears a beige-colored fedora and an olive-colored suit.

Jobin is a tan-skinned man with curly dark brown hair, a goatee, and hazel eyes. He wears a brown suit

Antonio is a pale-skinned man with shaggy white hair, a beard, and gray eyes. He wears a light-colored beige suit and a red/white hat with a V in the center.


Not much is known about the trio's personality, but they spoke concisely when Spike asked them for information.


The three old men sit at a table in New Tijuana and play dominos until they're approached by Spike who asks for information pertaining to Asimov. They confirm that they've seen Asimov noting his weak or sick state. Spike then asks if there's a hospital or clinic nearby and the three then point to a nearby clinic.[1]

The three old men are briefly seen again in the same bowling alley that Spike, Faye, and Jet bowl in.


  • Unlike their original counterparts, none of them acts cranky, grumpy or even senile, due to their appearances didn't go beyond two episodes.