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The Van (Netflix) aka The Elders are the leaders of the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate in the Cowboy Bebop (Netflix) adaptation.


The Van all wore the same clothing except for Caliban who wore a red color variant color as opposed to the white color to his fellow Van members.


They have a strict sense of personality and use their authority as the elder leaders of the Syndicate to ascertain that law and order are held within the organization.



Because Vicious was dealing Red Eye behind the Syndicate's back, they summon him and his wife Julia. They state that they're aware of Vicious' handling Red Eye behind their back. Despite Vicious' attempt to reason with them, they remain obstinate and have Vicious prove his loyalty toward them by using a pistol to kill his wife. Disconcerted and overall neurotic over being forced to kill Julia, Vicious pulls the trigger only to find out the gun was not loaded. One of the Elders Caliban then notes that he shouldn't make them question his loyalty again.[1]

At the Red Dragon Headquarters, Vicious is delivered to the Van gagged and in chains by Santiago and Mao. They report to them that Vicious planned to overthrow the organization by killing them all and the elders unanimously agree that Vicious' act was treason. Mao then executes Vicous, but in a strange twist of events, it's revealed that it was Santiago in disguise as Vicious, while Vicious was in disguise as Santiago. Taking control of the situation, Vicious slices open Mao's stomach with his sword and kills all of the guards and the Van except for his Father Caliban. The two have a heart-to-heart, where Caliban tries to reason with his son, but Vicious refuses to hear any of it and stabs him in the heart. In his final breaths, Vicious calls him nothing more than a scared child and won't be anything else.[2]

The Van has Stax assign an important mission to Fearless and Vicious to broker a deal with the representative of the Neptune Cartel Ka-Ching. The two of them were to negotiate with Ka-Ching to get a cut of the diamonds that rain on the cartel's base planet, but the plan falls through when Vicious loses his cool and attacks Ka-Ching. Because of this fiasco, the elders try and personally renegotiate with the cartel, but even that falls through when Vicious executes Ka-Ching after finding him late at night as he exits a bar. Although the Elders request that Fearless kill Vicious, he fails to do so because of his personal debt to Vicious. Instead, Fearless single-handily kills the entire Neptune cartel and tries to run away with Julia. Personally visiting his son at his penthouse, Caliban congratulates him for helping Fearless in eliminating the entire Neptune cartel. Although Vicious takes the compliment, he's then smacked to the ground by his father and chastised by him for taking credit for something he didn't do and that his partner is now trying to steal his woman. When he asks his father where Fearless is taking Julia, Caliban bluntly answers that Capos don't ask questions, they find answers.[3]