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The Egg and I is a song from the first Cowboy Bebop album.

The song featured as Jet Black and Faye Valentine searched for clues about a hacker on Earth,[1] and as Jet and Spike Spiegel visited a video antique store on Mars, and later as the two went underground on Earth to find an Electrical Museum.[2] It is also used in previews for Bohemian Rhapsody,[3] and for Speak Like A Child.[4]

The song also featured in the background during Radio Free Mars.[5]


  • Keyboards - Yoko Kanno
  • Synthesizer manipulate - Keishi Urata
  • Percussion - Sydney Thiam, Michel Reman, David Mirandon, Phillippa Drai, Phillippe Nairy, Thierry Boucou