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Teddy Bomber (Or by his real name Theodore Clark) is a serial bomber in the Cowboy Bebop (Netflix) adaptation.


Without his teddy bear mask, Teddy has brown hair parted to the left, a thick beard, green eyes, and a long burn mark that goes down the left side of his face to his shoulder and chest. He wears a prosthetic right hand.


Noted from his manifesto, Teddy has radical beliefs, like food, water, and education are a form of mind control.



On the tv show Big Shot, a bounty on Teddy is announced and both Spike and Jet visit Teddy's next suspected bombing site, a cathedral. When Spike leaves to use the restroom, Jet notices a suspicious man carrying around a black duffle bag. Jet confronts him and notices the teddy bear with a detonative device in it. Leaving behind his prosthetic right hand. When Jet pursues him outside, Teddy uses a metal flower holder to knock him out and makes his escape.[1]

While Spike leaves the Bebop to take care of some personal business, Jet reads over Teddy's radical manifesto as the ship's computer scans his hand for clues. Eventually, Jet and Spike regroup and meet at a construction site, it's there that they learn from the foreman that their demolition expert is named "Theodore Clark" aka Teddy. The two then head to Teddy's location and they argue whether his location is in the cockpit or not. It's ultimately decided that they'll skip the cockpit and continue forth and find Teddy's workshop. Unbeknownst to the two, Teddy rushes out of his workshop and into the cockpit where he launches the ship into space. The Cowboys try and head to the cockpit, but it's locked and is on autopilot while driving through space debris. At that moment, a piece of debris takes out the cockpit and Teddy confronts the two wearing his signature teddy mask with a bomb strapped to his waist. Teddy speaks to them, but because of his mask, his voice is too indistinctive and muffled for the Cowboys to comprehend what he's saying. Spike manages to comprehend some of what Teddy was trying to convey, mainly he'll use his detonator if they don't reach the "Ichabod". However, the last part seemed to be wrong as Teddy screams angrily. Trying to defuse the situation, Spike asks Jet for help as he read Teddy's manifesto, but Jet confesses that he only skimmed through it. This causes the two to bicker with each other which upsets Teddy, hence Spike talks with Teddy to try and calm him down. Amid this, Spike stabs him in his left knee with a screwdriver on the ground and the two then fight and Spike ko's Teddy.[1]