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Supernova Symphony is the tenth session, or episode, of Cowboy Bebop the Netflix series. It serves as the season one finale for the show.


Written by:

  • Christopher Yost

Cast: Main



At Vicious' penthouse, Vicious pours a bourbon drink for himself as Julia sits by and watches as he toasts to his ascension to the head of the Syndicate. Flabberghasted, Julia is at a loss for words to which Viscious assures her that she's free from the Elders and everything went according to plan. Julia then gets her falls to the ground after Vicious smashes his glass into her face. He then demands to know how many times she slept with Fearless and states that he knows she knows that Fearless is alive that's why she colluded with Mao to betray him. Crawling on the floor, Julia laughs out loud at Vicious' accusations. She then confesses that she tried to leave him and that Vicious is no man. Furious, Vicious threatens Julia that he'll one day kill her in ways uninvented and that she won't be alone either.

Spike has a dream sequence of the aftermath with his encounter with Le Fou at Earthland as Jet and Faye search the area for him. During her search, Faye finds a poster banner advertising some old homes that triggers a memory from her past. Jet then finds the remanence of a ship taking off and deduces that Spike was taken somewhere off the asteroid they're on and suggests they track it.

Within Ana's office, a bandaged Spike awakens on Ana's couch. Slowly, Spike gets up from the couch, gets dressed, and meets with Ana and Gren at the bar. Spike learns that Gren rescued him and that Ana bugged Lin and Shin a few weeks back to figure out Spike's location. Although Spike comments how Ana doesn't want anything involvement with Syndicate related matters, Ana confesses that she's been involved since the day he died and her cane is a testament to that.

On the Bebop, Faye rewatches and analyzes the video from her Identikit. She finds out that the poster banner she found on Earthland has a 93% probability that the house used in it was in fact her childhood home. When Faye was going to report the good news to Jet, he first reveals that he found Spike's location. In turn, Faye reveals that she may have found her childhood home, however, Jet requests that she stay until they find Spike, and she agrees. The Bebop then exits a warp gate to land on Tharsis where Ana's cabaret is. Back in said place, Spike promises to Ana that he'll kill Vicious and that Julia knows he's alive. Right as Spike was about to leave the scene, Jet and Faye appear guns drawn and pointed at both Gren and Ana who do the same at Jet and Faye. Spike manages to calm everyone down and lower their weapons. Once everyone has calmed down, Jet tightly hugs Spike, who complains it hurts. After this, Jet gets a call from Kimmie and learns that his daughter was taken hostage by the Syndicate and that in exchange for her they want Spike. From there, Spike reveals that he's a former Syndicate hitman and if Jet wants to see his daughter again he'd honor Vicious' request. Begrudedly, Jet agrees and they all leave the place and outside Jet stuffs Spike into the car they came in. This leads to an argument with Faye who decides to bail out on the mission.

As Julia is driven by some Syndicate members, she notes that the member in the back with her will be killed when the mission is over. Meanwhile, Jet drives to the hostage exchange location, the fish factory. There Vicious accompanied by Shin, Lin, and several members of the Syndicate await. Switching over to Julia, she has a brief conversation with the Syndicate member in the back who asks her if she ever loved Vicious and she replies no, but her heart truly belongs to Fearless. The Syndicate member then strangles the driver and kills the front seat passenger causing the car to topple over. Jet exits his car and confronts Vicious, he assures that Spike is in the trunk and when a Syndicate member goes to check it. Both Spike and Jet with their guns drawn, shoot the Syndicate members dead aside from Vicious, Lin, and Shin who are revealed to be holograms. More Syndicate members exit the fish factory with their machine guns pointed at the two. At the site of the toppled car, Julia receives a gun from the Syndicate member that helped her, leaves the car, and walks down the highway.

Jet awakens in a cathedral all bloody and tied up, Spike who is also bloody and tied up then informs him that he was out for a couple of hours and that they're in the ninth ring of hell. They have a brief heart-to-heart until Vicious arrives and goes on a monologue involving Spike and when he asks for Kimmie Jet thanks her until he states he's going to kill her. Vicious continues his monologue and taunts Spike who taunts him back upsetting Vicious who then kicks him in the leg. Kimmie then arrives and embraces her father Jet and at that moment ship lights from the outside, illuminates the cathedral, and shots are fired killing some of the Syndicate members. The pilot of the ship was Faye, and she uses a heat-sensing device to fire at the Syndicate members. Once the Syndicate members were dealt with, using the ship's gun, Faye releases both Spike and Jet from their constraints. Spike then carries Kimmie outside in his arms as Jet tags along. Outside Spike places Kimmie into Faye's ship and Jet enters it too, but Spike insists on staying so he can finish some unfinished business. Before she leaves, Faye asks that Spike shoot them before they shoot him and leaves the scene as Spike heads back into the cathedral.

Inside the cathedral, Vicious taunts him, but Spike taunts him back and finds a set of stairs where Lin descends and fires at him, but Spike shoots him dead. At the top of the stairs, Spike encounters and kills Shin, he then fights Vicious who at the end is shot by Julia. Despite their reunion which was supposed to be a serendipitous occasion, Julia requests that Spike kill Vicious so the two of them can rule over the Syndicate. However, Spike refuses and because of his refusal, Julia reveals that she's tired of being scared and that Spike was a dream she needed to wake up from. Julia then shoots Spike and he falls backward through the stained glass window and down into the ocean below as he recalls the memories he spent with Julia.

At the docks where the Bebop was stationed, Alisa and Chalmers pick up Kimmie and take her away as Faye packs her things and leaves to find out more about herself. Meanwhile, Vicious is locked up and chained to a water container in a boiler room. Approached by Julia, she claims she'll be speaking on Vicious' behalf for the Syndicate as his wife and also noting that he's no longer necessary. Loading a single round into a magnum gun, she spins it, and fires, but no bullet is shot. With a smirk, Julia comments how they'll try again tomorrow and leaves Vicious as he screams at the top of his lungs.

Back at the site of the Bebop, Spike returns and after a brief chat with Jet, he threatens that if he ever sees Spike again, he'll kill him and leaves.

Eventually, Spike leaves a bar and languidly walks down an alleyway until he collapses onto the ground. Soon, a person called Edward accompanied by Ein proclaims they want to hire him for a job. Ed wants Spike to hunt the Butterfly Man Volaju.


  • Tank! (TV Edit) – Opening Title


Themes and Motifs[]

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Homages and References[]

  • The Church battle is a reference to the Ballad of the Fallen Angels. Where Spike heads to a Church, faces Vicious and ends with the pistol point, sword point. Which is a shot for shot make.


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