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Stella Bonnaro (ステッラ・ボナーロウ Suterra Bonāro?) was the sister of Roco Bonnaro.

From birth, Bonnaro developed blindness in both eyes due to Venus Sickness. She had grown used to it, and, in fact, did not mind too much at times, noting that one can understand more without sight. Her brother took care of her, though he would often get in trouble, which she tried to address often even though she believed he was a good person.

Bonnaro lived in a wrecked shuttle in the desert of Venus. There, she received a delivery of a music box from Roco, which, unbeknownst to her, contained Grey Ash seeds. She waited for Roco to arrive, but, instead, Spike Spiegel came looking for him. Bonnaro held him at gunpoint, but soon was unable to walk around and fell. Fortunately, Spike said he was looking for Roco, and so they talked for a while. She noted she felt Spike was a good person, like Roco, and felt comfortable talking to him.

Bonnaro later went to the hospital and underwent the treatment of her blindness using the Grey Ash. She assumed Roco was responsible, however, Spike arrived instead and made her aware he was actually dead. Disappointed she could never see her brother, she asked Spike what he was like. Spike responded he was just as she remembered him without needing to see him.[2]



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