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Stax is a high ranking capo in the Syndicate in the Cowboy Bebop (Netflix) adaptation.


Stax has black hair with shaven sides that's parted to the left, a black left colored eye while his right eye has a cataract in it, and a large misshapen X-shaped scar on his right cheek. He wears a black suit.


Stax is a no-nonsense individual that understands his position in the Syndicate. He does everything in his power to try and maintain as much balance in the organization as he can. However, that seems like a near-impossible task for him to keep as his subordinates Vicious and Fearless (mainly Vicious) always give him trouble.



Within Ana's bar, Fearless and Vicious report to Stax about their successful assassination against the DA Lee. Although Stax was pleased by the news of the success of the mission, he's upset that the synthetic beef he was eating wouldn't cut properly. He then has the two each have a seat from either side of him and informs them of their newest mission. The Elders seek to strike a deal with the Neptune Cartel, which upon hearing their name, Vicious calls them animals and asks why the elders would interested in working with them. Stax answers that it's because it rains diamonds on Neptune and the Elders want a cut of the profit. Hence both Fearless and Vicious will broker the deal with the Neptune Cartel's Ka-Ching. Despite Vicious saying that the mission is a job best suited for Stax, he claims that it's also his job to tailor the younglings. He goes on to say that brokering a deal of this magnitude is what the capos do and he hopes to one day retire, live on a boat somewhere, and eat a real beef steak. After warning the two not to screw up since their lives and his depends on it, Stax continues with the business talk, stating they'll open the talks at 40%, but settle at 25%. Confidently, Vicious proclaims he'll get the 40% and then stops a barmaid to try to order some drinks, but Stax stops him and scolds him for ordering at a capo's table. Taking the hint, the two get up and leave the table, but Fearless is told to stay at the table. Cursing the fact that he has to babysit one of the elder's kids, Fearless tries to defend Vicious, but Stax's opinion stands noting Vicious' rotten nature. Again Fearless defends Vicious calling him alright, but Stax claims that's only because that he keeps him in line. This is why the elders want the two of them to broker the deal, to make sure that Vicious successfully completes the deal, and Fearless watches over his partner to make sure he keeps his cool. Fearless answers that he understands and Stax warns it'll be their heads if they fail this deal. Later as Fearless orders a couple of drinks for Vicious and himself, Ana approaches him and the two briefly talk about Stax. Ana notes that he still won't let them drink with him, to which, Fearless claims that all of the cool kids in the schoolyard sit in the back.[1]

Time passes by and Stax sits in his office crunching numbers and when Fearless and Vicious arrive it has them wait outside the doorway of his office. When he's ready, Stax allows the two inside of his office and informs them that the Neptune Cartel's papers have kicked up at the martian gate. He also informs them of a rule imposed by the cartel that no "iron" is allowed. Vicious scoffs at the rule, but Stax imposes it and allows them to be accompanied by a couple of men. Fearless agrees to the conditions and pulls Vicious out of his office. On the day of the deal, Vicious does bring some iron, to which, Fearless confiscates and notes that Stax said no iron. Vicious then claims he doesn't answer to Stax, but Fearless claims that he personally does.[1]

Sometime after the deal was done, Stax reprimands Vicious who during the deal tried to cut off Ka-Ching's hand, but he claims that Ka-Chin disparaged him and the Syndicate. Stax then continues his reprimanding, noting Vicious' short-sighted nature believing that the deal was solely about diamonds. The truth of what the elders wanted to accomplish was getting a foothold in the outer planets. Fearless chimes in claiming they can fix this, but Stax snaps at Fearless calling the two lug nuts for failing their mission. He then details that the elders will fix the issue with the cartel and in the meantime, both Fearless and Vicious will stand down. The two later go to a dive bar and talk about their meeting with Stax. Vicious stands by what he did and that everyone in the Syndicate would see what he did was for the better.[1]

Later that night, Stax learns about Vicious killing Ka-Ching, and because of it, he contacts Fearless at 3:00 am in the morning to come to meet him in his office. Once Fearless arrives, Stax reprimands him for not being with and stopping Vicious when he killed Ka-Ching. He also states how he's privy to the fact that Fearless thinks he owes Vicious for saving him, but asks him how long does a sane person pays his debts before they're finally paid off. Fearless then asks for 24 hours to fix the situation, but Stax claims that it's impossible since the cartel wants Vicious dead. It won't be a war that'll be started... it'll be until one of the two sides is wiped out completely. In complete disbelief, Fearless claims that Vicious' father won't allow it, but Stax reveals that his father sanctioned it and wants Fearless to do it. Despite Fearless' hesitance to do it, Stax claims that if he doesn't do it someone else would and the elders figured he'd at least make it quick.[1]