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Spike Spiegel is one of the main characters in the Cowboy Bebop (Netflix) adaptation.


Spike has messy black hair and eyes and is usually dressed in a blue leisure suit over a beige-yellow shirt.


Like his anime counterpart, Spike is shown to be sarcastic and speak witty comments from time to time.


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Both he and Jet take out Tanaka's crew at the Watanabe Casino. Eventually, after receiving a tip from an old acquaintance of Jet's the two hunt down a man named Asimov Solensan who is on New Tijuana. From there the two ask the locals for information in regards to Asimov and soon, Spike meets with Asimov's partner Katerina. The two briefly talk until their conversation is interrupted by Faye who reveals that Katarina is the daughter of Ellis Montgomery. This leads to a fight between the two as Katarina and Asimov make a run for it. Losing his Bounty head, Spike takes Faye back to the Bebop and locks her up in the toilet. She's introduced to Jet who demands to know why Faye was locked up in their toilet area is brought up to speed by Spike. The two then leave the Bebop in order to pursue Asimov and his woman back at T.J. and it's there that they're ambushed by Syndicate members led by someone named Chivo. The members are all dealt with while Asimov is shot and wounded in the neck and then escapes the asteroid planet with Katarina on a stolen spaceship. Spike pursues them only to witness Katarina's ship be destroyed by the warp gate police. A surviving member of the shoot-out later reports to Vicious that a man called Spike Spiegel was recognized as Fearless. Upon hearing this, Vicious kills the man and orders his men Shin and Lin to kill Spike Spiegel[1]

To catch the newest bounty Teddy Bomber, Spike and Jet attend a church ceremony that's believed to be Teddy's next bombing target. Needing to use the restroom, Spike leaves Jet to find and handle the bomber while he fends off against a Syndicate assassin. Later in the Bebop, Jet fails to try and convince Spike to help with hunting down Teddy, and instead, Spike reconnects with his old friend Ana. The two catch up on old times and before leaving Spike asks her to keep an eye on Vicious for him. Afterward, Spike accompanies Jet to a construction field that uses the same explosive substance as Teddy uses. They learn from the foreman there that their demolition expert named Theodore reports that there are no missing explosives from their stock. However, this prompts Spike to mention the obvious fact that the demolition expert's name is "Teddy".[2]

The two then reach Teddy's workshop ship and when they argue on whether they should go for the cockpit or workshop, they follow Jet's idea to go to the workshop. There they don't find Teddy, but the ship starts to take off and heads into space. By the cockpit doors, they witness the cockpit getting destroyed by space debris and then get confronted by Teddy who threatens to kill them in an inaudible manner. This conversation leads to Spike taking out Teddy, but in the process, Jet steps on a pressure plate land mine. So to help his friend out, Spike quickly switches places with him and waits until Jet comes back to rescue him, but not before getting him the ramen Teddy failed to eat.[2]

Thanks to Ana's influence, Spike talks with a sushi maker who deals with the Syndicate, and he gives him a secret message informing Spike that Vicious knows he's alive. In return, Spike asks him to get information on Vicious for him. In the Bebop, Jet is frustrated that he's unable to get the Walking Sally Doll that his daughter Kimmie wants and Spike finds it amusing. So in order to raise enough money to get the doll, they hunt down a new Bounty head named Abdul Hakim who's on Tharsis. To get more information on their target, Jet contacts an old acquaintance of his named Woodcock. After one-sidedly flirting with Jet she gives him the raw footage that the ISSP used to identify Hakim under the condition he treats her to dinner sometime in the future. Reviewing the footage, Spike reads the lips of Hakim and reveals that his motive is revenge for his family and Jet notices a scar on Hakim's wrist. The scar shows that Hakim uses a low-quality holo-tech that only brothel women now use and as it just so happens Jet has a machine that can scramble the tech. Targeting the two likely brothels that Hakim may have gotten the holo-disguise from, hence Jet takes Betty's Boop while Spike takes Betty's Bottom.[3]

Once Jet activates the scrambler, Hakim rushes to Betty's Bottom, where Spike confronts him and chases him to the rooftop. The two then fight and in the end, Spike breaks the sign to the place and is rescued by Jet. Despite Jet wanting to bail on the bounty, Spike coaxes him to continue and after they're reprimanded by the brothel owner Betty who allows them to speak with Greta Hakim's mistress. Spike then meets with the Sushi man who gives him the information that he wants and a special package that'll be delivered to him at a later date. Returning to Jet, they talk with Greta who gives them information in regards to Hakim, which leads the two to the Atmos farm that he works at. Upon reaching the place, they're guided a bit by a small gorgi to Hakim's location, and although they successfully reason with Hakim, he's shot dead by the ISSP. Sometime later, Spike atop a silo contacts Vicious and snipes him while he was in his car.[3]

At a restaurant, Jet orders Spike and him some food, and they're soon joined by a wounded Faye who informs them of a new Bounty Maria Murdock. Later in the Bebop, Jet looks up the information on Maria, and when Spike and he leaves the room to talk about Spike's mistrust in Faye, not only does she steal Spike's ship, but also Ein. Accosting Faye on Mars, despite Spike's desire to shoot Faye with his gun, Jet manages to talk Spike out of it. Once again on the Bebop, Faye's wound is treated, and after some informal negotiations with Faye, she agrees to help them catch Maria and her gang.[4]

Following a lead they had, the group reach the Kao Construction HQ where they locate Maria and her gang of children. They manage to stop the missile she tried to launch, but in the end, fails thanks to the combined effort of the Bebop crew. Sitting by Faye as she wakes up by Ein licking her face. He informs her that as a show of gratitude Jet is temporarily allowing her to stay on the ship until she gets back on her feet.[4]

Intervening in a conversation between Jet and Faye, Spike asks who used up all of the hot water in the shower and Faye admits it was her. Apparently, she used it up for her shower-bath, and then the crew watch the Big Shot show to learn that a bunch of hefty bounties are up for grabs. One of which triggers Jet and decides to go after it on his own and lets Faye and Spike debate which bounties they'll hunt together. In the end, they don't hunt a single target, but Spike grows to respect Faye more when he learns that she single handily caught Ronald Dupree and the wonders of a shower-bath.[5]

Finding an old picture of Julia in his room, Jet informs him of new intel on an old bounty called Cy-Baba. Spike, however, is skeptical of the bounty as it's a bigfoot hunt, but Jet still insists on doing it. Reluctantly agreeing to do the bounty, Spike meets Faye in the kitchen as she admires her new Railgun to which he notes that she was scammed into buying. Later that day, Spike reaches Dr. Londes' office where Cy-Baba is supposed to be and is greeted by a lady on a tv screen named Beatrice. She leads him to a chair and asks that he sit down on it and from there Spike is subjected to a VR world where his mind is nearly stolen. It was thanks to the combined efforts of the Bebop crew along with Dr. Kaypack and a mechanic Mel Spike is saved. Developing a splitting headache due to his time in the VR, Spike learns from Jet that he was right about the Cy-Baba bounty and back in his room, admires the picture of Julia again.[6]

With the Bebop docked, Spike has a conversation with Faye as he tries to set up his fishing rod, but fails to do so. Frustrated he tosses his rod and tackle box into the ocean and goes back to the Bebop to take a nap. Afterward, Faye introduces the group to her "mother" to the group that seeks to get a ride to Santo City. Upon seeing Spike's bad posture, Whitney immediately straightens Spike's back curing his migraines. This convinces Spike to persuade Jet who wants to stay stationed at their current location so he can attend his daughter's recital. Despite agreeing to do it, Jet is hesitant and questions Whitney about Faye's background. Eventually, Jet does a background check on Whitney and learns that she's really a bounty head and she's being hunted by the notorious weapons dealer the Iron Mink. Mink threatens the group that if they don't deliver Whitney to him within an hour they'll all die. Hence, the crew reach Santos City and split into two groups, where Faye goes with Whitney to retrieve her identikit. Spike and Jet, on the other hand, go to a place with good reception so that Jet can attend Kimmie's recital leaving Spike to fend for himself against the Mink's goons and his double. Once Faye retrieves her identikit, she watches it with Jet and Spike.[7]

From Cherious Medical, Vicious releases one of the imprisoned experiments there named Le Fou to kill Spike. The man in question was enjoying his time with the other crew in a bowling alley where they also celebrated Faye's birthday. When the group leaves the alleyway they're confronted by Le Fou who fights against Spike and manages to burn his left arm. Thanks to Ein, Le Fou is briefly immobilized and with Spike in hand, they flee the scene. In the Bebop, Spike's burn wound is treated while Jet tries to get more information on Le Fou from Woodcock. She, however, is unable to get any on Le Fou, but hints that Spike isn't all that he seems. Returning to the Bebop, Jet offers Spike some rum and tries to get him to talk about his past, but Spike refuses to reveal anything. Eventually, Le Fou contacts the crew via Ein and demands that he have a one-on-one match with him at Earthland. Despite wanting to go alone, Spike is pressured by Jet and Faye for them to come along and help him. However, upon departing for Earthland, Spike uploads a virus on the ship causing it to power down. At Earthland, Spike faces off against Le Fou and wins against him, but is nearly caught in an explosion set off by Le Fou's dropped grenade belt.[8]

In the past, Spike going by Fearless worked with Vicious posing as janitors at a district attorney's office to kill a lawyer named Lee who sought to go after the Syndicate. They manage to kill him, but a woman named Brenda along with her daughter witness the aftermath of Lee's assassination. Fearless demands that the two forget what they saw and leave, to which, they do. Afterward, they report on their successful mission to their superior Stax who assigns them a new job. It involves brokering a deal with the Neptune Cartel. Soon afterward, Fearless talks with Ana and then Vicious about business. They then watch the performance of a new talent there named Julia and immediately the two of them are captivated by the woman. Vicious, however, is the one who courts Julia and starts a relationship with her. On the day of the deal, Stax informs the two that the condition of the deal is that no guns are brought. Even though this condition is met, Vicious still screws the deal up by stabbing the hand of which they were negotiating with named Ka-Ching. This causes the deal to fall through and makes Vicious lose his cool and faith in the Syndicate.[9]

Later that night at a dive bar, Julia meets Fearless and Viscious there and announces that she became a headliner at Ana's bar. The two congratulate her and when the Jupiter Jig is played, Julia insists that Fearless dance with her to it. Later outside, the trio are driven by Vicious somewhere until he finds Ka-Ching, where he then chases him down and runs him over. Proceeding to beat his nemesis, Fearless tries to stop him, but is told by Vicious to take Julia home. Fearless does and the two copulate with one another until he receives a call from Stax. In Stax's office, Stax informs Fearless that Vicious killed Ka-Ching, the Neptune Cartel wants to eliminate the Syndicate, and the Van wants him to kill Vicious. Visiting Vicious in his penthouse, Fearless was supposed to kill him, but instead spares him and single handily kills all of the members to the Neptune Cartel. The news is relayed to Vicious by his father Caliban, who also learns that Fearless plans to run away with Julia. This plan is foiled as he along with Shin, Lin, and other Syndicate members kill Fearless at the location he was to meet with Julia.[9]

Awakening in Ana's office, Spike walks to the bar area and meets with Ana and Gren. He learns that Gren saved him thanks to a bug placed on Lin. Jet and Faye then arrive at the scene and although Spike is able to calm the two down, it's a call from Kimmie that once again triggers Jet to learn that Spike was a former member of the Syndicate. Not only that, but Vicious has taken Kimmie hostage and that he wants to do a hostage exchange between Kimmie and Spike. Apprehending Spike and stuffing him in a car, Jet drive to the exchange location. It's there that Spike and Jet kill the syndicate members that are there and when Jet tries to kill Vicious it's revealed that he, Shin, Lin, and Kimmie are mere holograms. And are captured by the Syndicate members that arrive at the scene.[10]

Afterward, both Jet and Spike are each tied to a pillar in a church and are soon met by Vicious and his Syndicate cohorts. Although Vicious allows Jet to be with Kimmie, he intends to kill her along with Spike and him. Faye then arrives in her spaceship and kills the Syndicate members while after it, Jet escapes with Kimmie on Faye's ship. Spike, on the other hand, returns to the church and kills both Shin and Lin on his way to face off against Vicious. In the end, Julia arrives and betrays him by sending him through the stained glass window into the water below. Spike manages to survive this incident, but when he meets with Jet, he threatens that he'll kill him if he ever sees him again and rides away on the Bebop. Distraught and despondent, Spike goes to a bar, and when he leaves collapses in an alleyway where Edward meets him and tries to hire him for a bounty hunt. The target is Volaju, but Spikes passes out before he could hear the full details from Edward.[10]


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