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The Space Warriors

The Space Warriors, formerly the Universal Environmental Protection Society, were an eco-terrorist organization led by "Twinkle" Maria Murdock.

As the Protection Society, the groups' members were a peaceful group of preservationists who helped to make the star system a better place, in particular around the asteroid belt. In 2069, Murdock took over the role as leader and, over time, some of the members left the group as the remaining ones became militant and bought weapons. They attacked anyone they thought were harming nature, and even killed. The group protested trash in space and the harvesting of regional animals like the Ganymede Sea Rat. As part of their attacks, they would wear masks bearing the likeness of the Sea Rat to disguise themselves. They often left behind a holographic message with their mission statement accompanied by light music, even after gunning down people.

Eventually, they created a plan to infect the moon of Ganymede with a genetic-altering virus by capturing a bio-expert and forcing him to work for them. The resulting virus, Monkey Business, reverted humans to earlier evolutionary primates. They demanded the Ganymede Minister forbid the Sea Rat trade altogether. At the same time, they found out they had a spy among them, Gett. They attacked him, and, even though Gett escaped in a small ship and stole a vial of the virus, he was fatally wounded and the group left him there.

Later, they went to a restaurant to eat and Murdock blamed Harrison for the incident. At another table, they overheard someone (Morgan) ordering sea rat and decided to confront him, shooting him and several others before retreating. As they left, Murdock was captured by Spike Spiegel and Jet Black, who happened to be there. The Warriors were forced to leave, but then threatened the ISSP chief later to rescind the bounty, forcing Spike and Jet to give her back to them.

When Murdock returned to the group, they learned the minister had only regulated the trade, not prohibited. The group then attempted to deploy the virus from hyperspace, but their plan was thwarted by the Bebop when they were trapped in hyperspace and one of their samples of virus, unknowingly present, had broken on the ship, infecting them.[1]