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"Man, I hate theme parks."
―Spike Spiegel[src]

Space Land was an amusement theme park located on Mars.


Space Land occupied its own crater on Mars, and people traveled there by tunnel or ship. It was a huge park, with games and rides including classic "shoot for the target" games, ferris wheels and roller coasters.


Space Land was used by Mad Pierrot when he wanted to fight and kill Spike Spiegel. He "invited" Spike there while the park was not in use. Able to control and turn on the attractions, he set up several traps for him in dramatic fashion. The ensuing firefight caused a lot of destruction to the robotic characters. Faye Valentine flew her ship, the Red Tail, into the park and joined the fight briefly before being shot down. At the end, Pierrot was trampled by a parade of the robotic characters.[1]


The imagery shows many classic games and rides.


There are only a couple games shown in Space Land, but it is assumed there's more. We see a classic "shoot for the target" carnival game where you attempt to shoot balls in a robotic hippo's mouth as it opens and closes.


Space Land is full of many fun and interesting rides.

  • Ferris Wheel: At the top of the hill, there lies a gigantic Ferris Wheel. The Ferris Wheel seats are circular-shaped and all colored lime green.
  • ADVENTURE: "ADVENTURE" is a roller coaster in Space Land. It's a monster-themed ride. You get in the ride, which is a typical roller coaster car, with the exception of a Space Land mascot head at the front of the car. The ride travels through monster heads, goes through pillars, and has about three different hills it goes down. The railing also goes over water at some points in the ride.
  • ICE JAMP: It's not entirely stated what you're supposed to do in the ICE JAMP ride, as Spike and Mad Pierrot just fight there, rather than ride ICE JAMP. It looks as though there are some penguins you can ride through an icy obstacle course. There's also a hologram of a baby angel if you get off the track that lets you know it's dangerous, and you should go back outside.[1]

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