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Shin is an associate of Vicious in the Cowboy Bebop (Netflix) adaptation.


Shin has black hair in a bob cut and eyes. She wears a standard Syndicate outfit.


Not much is known about Shin's personality, but she's fiercely loyal to Vicious.



Shin and Lin accompany a surviving Syndicate member of two incidents as he reports to Vicious. Upon hearing that a man called Fearless was there, Vicious kills the man and orders Shin and Lin to track and kill Fearless.[1]

When Shin and Lin had to report to Vicious about how Gunther failed to kill Spike at Ana's bar, Lin suggests they have Tui break the news to him. However, Shin claims that Vicious won't kill them for breaking the news to him, to which, Lin says she can tell him. Approaching the table Vicious is sitting at, Shin calmly informs him of the bad news, and Lin chimes in to tell him where Gunther died.[2]

Following Vicious to the room where the Red Eye is created, Vicious orders Shin and Lin to have Tui deliver Julia's favorite chocolates to the penthouse. They then ask if Vicious seriously intends to close the Red Eye factory down, to which, Vicious insists that it's only temporarily. In the Red Eye processing room, the three of them including other Syndicate members kill the workers there.<refname=ep3>Dog Star Swing</ref>

After his encounter with Hakim, Spike was inspired to no longer run from his past and contacts Vicious from his cell phone while Shin and Lin were at his side. Armed with a heavy-duty sniper rifle, Spike aims it at Vicious as he talks to him, and Vicious walks with both Shin and Lin as they guide him to his limo. The two then get into the front seat of the car and then Vicious is cut by a broken-off piece of bulletproof glass that came from the sniper that Spike shot from.<refname=ep3/>

Both Shin and Lin appear as holographic apparitions that constantly accompany Vicious and numerous other Syndicate members who kill Spike and Julia.[3]

Accompanying Vicious to the Cherious Medical facility, Shin and Lin kill the guards stationed outside the prison lab where Le Fou was held captive along with a bunch of caged dogs. They are led to the area by a scientist named Godard who frantically begs them to reconsider, warning them about Le Fou's nature, but Vicious' orders are absolute. They then stand idly by as Le Fou is let out of his cell and talks with Vicious who kills Godard and then hires him to kill Spike.[4]

Shin and Lin briefly appear again as one of the Syndicate subordinate members to stand guard outside while Fearless and Vicious negotiate a deal with the Neptune Cartel's Ka-Ching. Later that night they assist Vicious in torturing and killing Ka-Ching.[5]

Within Ana's bar, Shin and Lin are briefly mentioned by Ana who informs Spike that the two come in from time to time and that she bugged Lin a few weeks back. Gren then remarks that out of the two Lin was the stupider one. Standing beside Vicious as he holds Kimmie, Jet's daughter hostage Jet arrives at the predetermined location with Spike in the back trunk of the car he drove in. When one of the other Syndicate members goes to open the trunk he's shot dead by Spike who comes out of the trunk guns blazing. Jet assists Spike by shooting at Vicious, Shin, and Lin, however, as it turns out, they're all including Kimmie just holograms. Snickering, Vicious bids Spike farewell by saying he'll see him later as they all disappear.[6]

Afterward, Shin, Lin, and several other Syndicate members follow Vicious as he confronts Spike who like Jet are tied to separate pillars. The two stand by as Vicious talks with Spike and then Jet who releases his daughter only for her to be killed with him and Spike by Vicious' men. Thanks to Faye arriving at the scene riding on her spaceship; she shoots the place up nearly killing all of the Syndicate members. Once Spike and Jet are released from their bindings, Spike escorts Kimmie and Jet out of the church and onto Faye's spaceship and reenters the church where he ascends the stairs to confront Vicious. On his to the stairs, Spike is ambushed by Lin and within returning fire at Lin, Spike kills him. At the top of the stairs, Spike is then ambushed by Shin and he immediately kills her.[6]