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Shin (シン?) was a member of the Red Dragon crime syndicate. His older brother was Lin and he knew Spike Spiegel.


When Vicious was held prisoner by the syndicate and The Van sent men to eliminate anyone with ties to him, Shin decided to help Spike and Julia. He left a message for Julia on her answering machine warning her, and then followed the team that went after Spike, finding him at the Loser Bar. He sneaked in during the firefight and informed Spike of the situation and Julia's location in Tharsis. He held off the other syndicate members as Spike and Jet Black escaped.[1]

Shin returned to the syndicate headquarters and was shocked that Vicious had not only escaped, but he and his men had killed all the ones loyal to the Van as well as them. Vicious asked him to report and, when he said Spike escaped, told him to go back and not to follow in Lin's footsteps. Shin left but instead helped Spike when he infiltrated the building. He led him from one elevator to the other, telling him Vicious' location. However, before he could help him further, he was shot and killed. His last words to Spike were that he was hoping that Spike would become the Syndicate's leader.[2]