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Shaft (シャフト?) is the younger brother of the two Shaft Brothers.

Shaft learned that his older brother bought some psychedelic mushrooms from a mushroom dealer called Domino Walker and, after eating one, he laughed himself to death, prompting Shaft to swear revenge on Walker.

Shaft went searching for Domino while dragging around a coffin with him in which to put Walker's corpse. He had finally found him in a city on Io, and confronted him. Witnessed by Edward and Ein, Walker maintained Shaft's brother's death wasn't his fault, but Shaft didn't accept that. Just then, unfortunately, a truck drove over and destroyed the coffin. Shaft then took out his gun and chased Walker, but lost him.

Shaft went to a restaurant, Pescaderia, to take a break while searching for Walker. He was approached by the Three Old Men there, but he dismissed them. Soon, he saw the child that was with him (Ed) and, realizing Ed was looking for him, too, he pursued. Eventually, he observed Walker jumping onto a train and followed. He carjacked a watermelon truck, punching the driver and pushing him out of the truck. He caught up to the train and jumped on. Walking from the back to the front of the train, he was confident he had him. However, Ed and Ein jumped on top as well, and Ein ran past Shaft, grabbing one of Walker's bags and didn't let go. Walker released it, knocking Shaft off the train and onto Coffee's car, also in pursuit. The car crashed, but Shaft survived.[1]


  • This character is based off the character Shaft from the movie of the same name.
  • Shaft dragging an empty coffin with him is a reference to the 1966 film Django.