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See You Space Cowboy, also known as See You Space Cowboy Not Final Mix Mountain Root, is a song from Cowboy Bebop. It is an alternative rendition of The Real Folk Blues, and like said song, is sung by Mai Yamane. The song was featured on the album Blue as the secret closing track. While the ending chorus features English lyrics, the majority of this song is sung in Japanese.

The song featured as Spike Spiegel left the Bebop for the last time and assaulted the Red Dragon headquarters.[1]

The lyrics begin as Spike recalls memories of Julia. He thinks of the first time he saw Julia and was captivated by her beauty. He also recalls a time when he made love to Julia and she cradled him in her arms. Spike's recollections are interspersed with images of Vicious awaiting his attack and of flashbacks of a time when Spike and Vicious were still friends. The song continues to play throughout the majority of Spike's attack on the syndicate.[1]

Japanese Lyrics[]

Subete wa mou owatta to

Mimi wo fusaida mama de kimi ga iu

Kotoba wa tada nagareteku

Spike Piloting Swordfish II

Spike setting out to kill Vicious.

Yasuragu koto no nai ashita e

Inori sae mo kieta yoru

Nani o shinjite doko e kimiwa iku

Namida iro no ryuusei ga

Spike setting out to kill Vicious.

Spike's dark expression.

Azawarau youni ima sugiteku

Kawaranu mono nado ari wa shinai sato

Tatoe inochi tsukitemo


First time Spike ever saw Julia.

Spike falls for Julia

Spike falling in love with Julia.

Vicious walk to his throne.

Vicious walking to his throne.


Spike and Julia making love.

Spike going to kill Vicious

Close up of Spike's dark expression.

Kono ai o kese wa shinai

Sore wa towa o ikiru koto

Yume wa yami ni kakuretemo

I got a rainbow

In my hands...

Mune no oku wo wataru koe ga 

Keshite kawaranu mono mo aru to iu 

Shinjitsu no mae ni inoru asa 

Ai wa futatabi koko e modoru darou

Love never dies 

Love never fails 

Love never ever fades away

Itsuka inochi tsukitemo 

Kono ai o kese wa shinai 

Sore wa towa ni ikiru mono 

Yami o yaburi 

Toki no naka de kooritsuku 

Maboroshi o oikoshita toki 

Niji no kanata ai wa matsu 

Ikusen no hikari ga matsu 

You got a rainbow 

Rainbow in your hands...

English-Translated Lyrics[]

"Everything is already over",

Spike and Vicious fighting together

When Spike and Vicious were friends.

You say with closed ears

The words only flow

Towards a tomorrow without peace

On the night when even prayers have disappeared

When Spike and Vicious were friends.

Spike and Vicious back-to-back.

Vicious awaiting Spike

Vicious awaiting Spike's attack.

Red Dragon HQ

Spike arriving at the Red Dragon HQ.

What will you believe in and where will you go?

A shooting star the color of tears passes by now

As if laughing at me

"There's nothing that won't change"

Even if my life ends

This love will not disappear

It's something that will live forever

Even if dreams are hidden in darkness

I got a rainbow

In my hands...

The voice that crosses the inside of my chest

Tells me that there are also things that won't change or disappear

Spike charges the syndicate

Spike charging the syndicate.

Spike attacking the syndicate

Spike shooting up the syndicate.

Spike detonating explosives.

Spike detonating explosives.

On the morning when we pray before the truth

Love will return here once more

Love never dies

Love never fails

Love never, ever fades away

If someday my life ends

This love will not disappear

It's a thing that will live forever

Escaping the darkness

When we've passed the illusion

Frozen in time

On the other side of the rainbow, love will be waiting

Thousands of lights will be waiting

You got a rainbow

Rainbow in your hands...