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Santiago was a high-ranking member of the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate in the Cowboy Bebop (Netflix) adaptation.


Santiago has styled black hair and brown eyes. He wears a mauve-colored suit.


Santiago is a ruthless and vile individual, he's also cunning, sagacious, and does not tolerate betrayal. The first person who ever betrayed him earned him the moniker, "Eunuch".



Santiago is briefly mentioned by Ana when she stops one of his men named Daveed starts a fight with detective Bachman at her bar.[1]

Santiago is one of the three people including himself and Mao that he planned to use to replace the Elders. Mao is skeptical that Santiago will agree to the deal and elucidates to Vicious how Santiago got his moniker of "Eunuch". Contrary to the belief that one may think he himself is a eunuch, in fact, he made the first man who ever wronged him one[2]

A between Santiago, Mao, and Vicious meeting is held at Santiago's manor. Santiago humored that the three of them have gathered at his manor claims that such an occasion deserves a special treat to mark the occasion. His servants then pour the group a fancy bottle of wine for them all. Mao respectfully drinks her glass, while Vicious quickly drinks his and gives a snide remark about if he should return at a later time. Although the remark from Vicious was curt and disrespectful, it humors Santiago and they begin talking about the plan to overthrow The Van with a 2% bonus for the two of them. Contemplating over the offer for a bit, Santiago requests that instead of 2% it'd be 3%. This compromise unnerves Vicious, but he concedes to it, which elates Santiago.[3]

On the night of their plan to overthrow the Van, Santiago accompanied by two of his guards meets with Vicious in his penthouse. Vicious notes on how the agreement was that they'd go alone, to which, Santiago tries to reason with Vicious, but he stands his ground. Again such a remark should upset Santiago, but it humors him. After a bit of a clash between the two, it's decided that the two of them will go to the Red Dragon Headquarters together alone.[4]

Afterward, at the Red Dragon HQ, the plan to overthrow the Van is put into action. However, instead of Vicious being executed, it's Santiago who was disguised as Vicious that was killed; as for the real Vicious, he was disguised as Santiago.[4]