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Sally Yung was one of Faye Valentine's high school classmates.

Yung was a friend of Faye in the early 21st century. They made some videos which were recorded on beta cassette. She would later hear that Faye was on a space shuttle that had a catastrophic accident, and that Faye was put into cold storage to preserve her for being cured later.

Yung would later marry, have children, and eventually grandchildren including a girl.

In 2071, she was out with her grandchild when she saw Faye by the lion fountain, in the same area as in her youth, and recognized her. Despite thinking she may be a ghost, she got her attention. She started to explain what happened to her all those years ago when it seemed Faye did not remember, however, Faye oddly decided to leave. Yung watched her go in confusion.[1]