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Sad Clown A-Go-Go is the eighth session, or episode, of Cowboy Bebop the Netflix series.


Written by:

  • Javier Grillo-Marxuach





At a medical facility known as Cherious Medical, Vicious accompanied by Shin and Lin hold a scientist known as Godard hostage. They have her lead them to a human experiment who Godard beseeches them to reconsider as he's an insane Red Eye addict, but Vicious is obstinate to her pleas and has her release the man. When Vicious asks for his name, the man introduces himself as Pierrot Le Fou. The caged dogs in the room then start to bark and Godard details that he hates dogs, while Le Fou recalls painful flashbacks of when he was experimented on. Vicious then kills Godard and then he asks if Le Fou would like to do a job for him. The job entails, killing Spike Spiegal and he'll be rewarded all of the Red Eye he'd want.

Spending what Jet calls "Family Time" with Spike, Faye, and Ein. Jet notably fails at getting a strike and when it's Spike's turn, he easily gets a strike, much to Jet's chagrin. Once it's Faye's turn, she gets a gutterball and is then surprised by Jet and Spike with a small cake. Their intentions were to give Faye something to make up for everything that she recently experienced and to give her a new birthday. As the group leaves the bowling alley, they talk about how if that day is Faye's birthday, she'd be a Virgo. They temporarily separate as Faye sticks with Ein so he can empty his bladder by a dumpster as Jet and Spike talk a bit more about Spike's knowledge of Astrology. They're then confronted by Le Fou who at the stroke of the hour, shows his arsenal of weapons on his person. Both Jet and Spike then fire their weapons onto Le Fou, but he's protected by an invisible forcefield and after this, Le Fou duo wields and fires a shotgun and SMG at the two. Once both weapons are out of ammo, Le Fou throws a grenade underneath a car that explodes and traps Jet, Faye, and Ein in the alleyway that leads to the bowling alley. Spike then shots his gun at Le Fou who briskly dodges the bullets and fights him while Jet, Faye, and Ein try to leap over the fire by climbing over a dumpster. Le Fou then has Spike on the ground at his mercy and claims that Vicious sends his regards. Grasping Le Fou's arm, Spike activates Le Fou's jet boots and tries to free himself from the assailant, but gets set on fire by the flamethrower on his right arm. Faye then rushes over to Spike and extinguishes the fire with her coat as Le Fou now duo wielding a couple of pistols aims at Spike only to be distraught by the sight of Ein. It's because of Ein's barking that Le Fou becomes petrified and hesitant to shoot, allowing the group to escape with the wounded Spike.

Back on the Bebop, Jet places Spike in the bathtub and has Faye fetch the burn kit bag. Biting down on a loofa stick, Jet applies the beads from the burn kit and Spike screams a muffled scream until he finally passes out. Jet then leaves to find out Le Fou's identity and orders Faye to stay behind and treat Spike's burns while he's away.

Afterward, Jet drives his motorbike to a parking lot with a food truck and a mini-restaurant where he meets with Woodcock. She then divulges what information they have on the man who targeted Spike. Furthermore, Woodcock hints that Spike has ties to the Syndicate. Although Jet brushes off that notion on the account of Spike saving his hind once during his "job interview" and leaves.

Awaking in his room and now sporting a cast around the arm that was burned, Jet visits Spike with a bottle of Monkey Punchy Jamaican Rum. They then toast to Spike being alive and talk about how the "maniac" talked to Spike about something. On the other hand, Spike downplays it and mentions that the maniac told Ein "Die, die, die, die". Meanwhile, Le Fou has flashbacks about the experiments performed on him and recalls Godard telling him to go to his "Happy Place". The place in question for Le Fou was a theme park known as Earthland, a place he presumably visited when he was a child. In the present, Le Fou does so and laughs as he enters the dilapidated area.

Laying on the couch in the Living Room, Faye writes a list on a notepad as Spike enters the scene to check the computer for the identity of the maniac killer. Jet then tries to ask Spike what the maniac killer tried to ask him, but once again he refuses to say. At Earthland, Le Fou uses the computer in his arm to find Ein and uses it to "hack" and remote control him. Le Fou leads Ein into the living room area where Jet and Spike argue who the maniac killer is until everyone notices Ein's eyes are lit up. It's then that Le Fou's face appears by a hologram projected by Ein's eyes. Threatening to kill all of Spike's friends and destroy the ship he's on unless Spike accepts Le Fou's challenge at Earthland. While Faye is fascinated by what Ein did with his eyes, Spike sets out to accept Le Fou's challenge and is followed by Jet. Meanwhile, Le Fou finds a poster of the character Tongpu and as he approaches it, sings the song related to it in french. Returning to Spike and Jet, Spike prepares for his upcoming fight with Le Fou and already has figured out how to deal with his "impenetrable shield". On the other hand, Jet tries to dissuade Spike from going after Le Fou who mentions he thinks he's found out Spike's past as a military operative, but that's far from the truth as Spike knows. Succumbing to Jet and Faye's threats that they'll need to get past them to get to Le Fou, Spike allows them to tag along and go after the maniac killer Le Fou. The trio then heads to Le Fou's location leaving a dour Ein behind.

Meanwhile, Vicious has a brief meeting with Santiago with Julia in attendance at Vicicious' penthouse over how they'll initiate the plan without Santiago's guards. Although Santiago wants his guards to be by his side, Vicious manages to convince him, and with the guards gone, Vicious is cuffed and before he leaves, Julia kisses him goodbye.

Back on the Bebop's Galley the team review how they'll tackle taking on Le Fou. At the Syndicate HQ, Vicious' plan commences. Vicious is found guilty of treason and is set to be executed by his own weapon by Mao who whispers into his ear that he should have known better and then chops his head off. In a strange twist of events, Mao actually killed Santiago disguised as Vicious who in vice versa was disgusted as Santiago. Vicious then proceeds to fight against the Elder's guards and in the process kills both Elders Miranda & Prospero while slicing Mao in the stomach. With only Caliban left, he unmasks himself and tries to reason with Vicious as he slowly approaches him. He then stabs Caliban in the chest with a knife and in his final words, claims that he'll never be anything than a scared boy. With a menacing grin, Vicious claims the contrary, now surrounded by a large pile of bodies.

Once again on the Bebop with Earthland in sight, the crew finishes reviewing the plans, and Spike rides his Swordfish II to Earthland. On route to the destination, Spike uploads a virus onto the Bebop's mainframe causing its systems to shut down and giving him about an hour to take care of Le Fou by his lonesome. Briefly switching over to Vicious, he kills Mao for her betrayal, but in her final words, she gives a message to Julia, that she's sorry for not delivering his head to her. Spike enters Earthland and is alert to his surroundings, soon the theme park starts to light up and Le Fou dressed as the Tongfu makes his appearance. Le Fou greets Spike and armed with an assault rifle fires it off at Spike who counters by throwing a knife at Le Fou who deftly dodges it and continues firing his gun at Spike. This exchange continues until Spike manages to disarm Le Fou on the merry-go-round and so Le Fou uses a grenade launcher against Spike. Left with only one throwing knife left, Spike uses a mechanical toy dog to distract Le Fou long enough for him to stab Le Fou's right leg with his last knife. This causes Le Fou to start crying and beg for his mommy; Spike then activates his jet boots propelling him into the air as the grenade belt falls to the ground and detonates causing the entire theme park to be destroyed.

At Vicious' penthouse, Julia sits on a chair and anxiously awaits Mao's phone call to hear that the mission was a success. However, the bloody Vicious enters his home with Mao's severed head and throws it into the fireplace. He then approaches the disconcerted Julia noting his feeling that things are going to get... better.


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