Rush is a song on the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack and performed by the Seatbelts.

Much like the anime's opening theme Tank!, it is an instrumental big band jazz piece that goes for a fast pace rhythm with a mix of bongo drums, double bass, alto sax, and in this case, guitar.

The song features as Spike Spiegel and Asimov Solensan fight at the Denis Bar and as Asimov escapes with Katerina Solensan and Spike fights with syndicate men.[1]

An alternative version in a different key titled N.Y. Rush is also recorded on Blue with added electric piano. The song featured as Spike was double-crossed by Gordon on his ship, as Faye Valentine escaped in the Red Tail and blew up Gordon's ship.[2] It also featured as Spike chased after the pirate hacker team of Herman, George and Ruth.[3]


  • Trombone: Yoichi Murata

N.Y. Personnel

  • Trumpet: Nicholas Payton
  • Saxophone: Chris Potter
  • Guitar: Peter Bernstein
  • Fender Rhodes Piano: George Colligan
  • Electric Bass: Stanley Clarke
  • Drums: Bill Stewart


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