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Rosny Spanngen was a hacker.

In 2069, Spanngen was in an accident which rendered him unconscious and only able to dream. He was kept on a bed at the Alles Valley Hospice and taken care of. Somehow, he was able to program the equipment near him to be able to exist online and communicate with others. Using an alias, Doctor Londes, he started the Scratch movement so others could achieve what he had.

In 2071, Londes had incurred a bounty, and, eventually, Jet Black and Edward found Spanngen in the hospice. They shut down the systems he had reprogrammed, but decided not to take him in after all, leaving him to hopefully dream better dreams.[1]


The spelling of Spanngen's name comes from the image of his identity information near the hospice bed. However, English subtitles spell it as "Ronny Spangen" and the character was credited as "Rony."