"If we had met earlier in life, would we have been friends?"
―Roco Bonnaro[src]

Roco Bonnaro (ロコ・ボナーロウ Roko Bonāro?) was a member of Piccaro Calvino's gang and bounty head.


Bonnaro was involved in organized crime in order to support his blind younger sister, Stella, and does everything he can to help her regain her sight. He saw his chance to cure her when Calvino's group stole a Grey Ash plant. He took it for himself and fled on a spaceliner to Venus. The spaceliner was briefly hijacked by criminals, before Spike Spiegel and Faye Valentine subdued them. Bonnaro was impressed by Spike's fighting style.

Once at the spaceport, Bonnaro continued with his plan, sending a music box to Stella which contained seeds of the Grey Ash plant, keeping the grown plant to himself. He approached Spike in order to try to learn his skills and, after some begging, Spike taught him how to fight. However, Bonnaro had trouble understand Spike's explanation of the "fluid" motions. When Calvino's gang arrived in the area, Bonnaro fled, giving Spike the plant and asking him to meet him the next day.

Bonnaro spends time trying to elude Calvino but eventually runs into him in a bathroom. He's beaten, threatened, and forced to lead Calvino to Spike at their rendezvous at a cathedral. Once there, Bonnaro finds out Spike is a bounty hunter and is distressed, but upon seeing that Spike sympathizes with his struggle to help Stella, tells him to escape. Calvino quickly surrounds him, however, and Bonnaro decides to give Spike time to run. In the ensuing firefight, Bonnaro manages to use Spike's moves to best one of the thugs, but, during his surprise at his success, he's shot through the back by another thug. Spike runs to his side after the fighting stops and goes to get help, leaving Bonnaro to wonder if they would have been friends if they had met sooner. Unfortunately, he dies.[2]

Memorable Quotes

"Master, you see it? I was fluid like water."
―Roco Bonnaro[src]


  • Voice Actor: Ryūsei Nakao (using the name of Takamasa Nakao)
  • English Dub Voice Actor: Tom Fahn



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