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Poor Faye (High Socks) (かわいそうなフェイ (ハイソックス) Kawaisōna fei (haisokkusu)?) is an instrumental piano piece from the Cowboy Bebop Boxed Set, Disk 2. It is a companion piece to Pitiful Faye (Lip Cream).

The song featured as Faye Valentine watched her younger self sending her a hopeful message via a mysterious Betamax video tape she was sent by persons unknown.[1]

Along with "Poor Faye (Lip Cream)", this song is one of two short piano pieces written specifically to underscore Faye's revelations about her own past. The song is performed in G major, and the use of a major key indicates the optimism for felt by the young Faye. The tone of the piano is intentionally warm and rich to add to the sense of nostalgia.[citation needed]