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Piccaro Calvino (ピカロ・カルヴィーノ Pikaro Karuvuīno?) was a crime boss based on Venus. He employed others including Carpi Paolo, Achebe Laman, Bakri Chinva and Roco Bonnaro.

Calvino led his group to steal a Grey Ash plant, and included Bonnaro in the team, incurring a bounty. However, Bonnaro double-crossed him, stealing the plant in order to cure his sister. Calvino tracked him down at the Venus spaceport, eventually running into him in a bathroom. He interrogated Bonnaro and, using his sister, got him to lead him to Spike Spiegel, who Bonnaro had given the plant to. When Bonnaro tried to protect Spike, Calvino started a firefight, but Faye Valentine, also looking for him, cornered him and he gave up.[1]


Calvino is visually inspired by gangster rapper Notorious B.I.G.