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Piano Bar I is a song from Cowboy Bebop Vitaminless.

The song was composed by Yoko Kanno. However, Mark Soskin plays piano, the only instrument played throughout the song, making it one of the few songs not to have piano played by Kanno, nor to have any involvement from a member of the Seatbelts. The song itself is in the key of F Major.

The song featured as Spike and Jet explored the casino Spiders From Mars and observed the Three Old Men play poker. Then, later as Spike and Jet went back with the single poker chip carrying the then-worthless Crypt Breaker key.[1] The song featured when Faye stormed off after she hit Spike with a pillow for telling her she sang off key and Spike grabbed an Ace card,[2] as Spike told Victoria Terpsichore he figured out her name,[3] as Faye and Spike leave the police after turning in Whitney Haggis,[4] and when Jet and Pao Meifa started their search for the meaning of Pao Pu-Zi's message.[5]