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Nero was a criminal.

In 2071, Nero was incarcerated onboard a prison ship headed towards Pluto. A technical malfunction on the ship allowed Nero and the other prisoners to escape and stage a successful uprising. The escapees took control of the ship and killed most of the crew. Nero held the last remaining crew member, a pilot, at gunpoint. Nero watched as Dig started to take matters into his own hands and killed the man. Nero tried to calm him down afterwards. Then he saw Udai Taxim kill Dig for what he did, which also made it clear he was an assassin. Nero later evaluated the ship's systems when they decided to fight, and found some heavy weapons, including rocket launchers.

When the fight came, he used the rocket launcher on Jet Black and Fad. He hit Fad's ship, however, it only sent the ship crashing in on his position, killing him.[1]