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The music box is an item given by Vicious to Gren during their participation in War on Titan.


Vicious takes out a music box, winds it and plays it in his hands. Gren loves the tune, and asks if he can play it himself when he leaves Titan.

Without a word, Vicious picks the music box from his palm, and holds it to Gren. Gren, with a pause, takes the box, while Vicious gets up quickly and faces Gren. Vicious draws his knife, while Gren sees with startled eyes, and Vicious stabs the wall -- a poisonous scorpion that was nearing Gren, now cut in half. 

This marked the moment of Gren looking up to Vicious, and following him into battle on Titan. Gren later keeps his promise and plays the music box song on his saxophone in Rester House on Callisto.

It is later revealed that the music box hid a transmitter, which was ultimately used to falsely convict Gren of spying for the enemy.