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Muriel was a waitress who worked at Mac's Diner.

Muriel knew VT due to how frequently she came to the diner. On one particularly busy day, several bounty hunters had gathered on the rumor that a bounty head, Decker, would be near the area. These men were really rowdy and the Memphis brothers started to harass Muriel. She tried to be nice and serve their food, but they would grab her. VT defended her, prompting a fight. While they fought VT and Spike Spiegel, Muriel acted in the right moment to knock out one of the men with a bottle while they stumbled.

After the men were thrown out, Muriel walked around to survey the damage while VT and Spike talked. She saw the men cripple Spike's ship, Swordfish II, and decided to tell him later. Back inside, she was thankful to Spike, though when VT learned Spike was a bounty hunter himself, she demanded he leave. Muriel protested, but Spike decided to go ahead and leave. She went out with him and told him who vandalized his ship when he saw it, but she couldn't remember their names.[1]


Muriel is voiced by Rebecca Forstadt. The spelling of her name in the credits is "Murial."