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Miles (マイルズ?) was a ship mechanic.

In 2071, he was Doohan's assistant, helping him with various duties. Unlike Doohan, Miles was a very upbeat and energetic assistant, which didn't always settle with Doohan. Furthermore, Miles often suggested newer ways of fixing ships, only to be dismissed. He was also an avid fan of the "Blue Sox" baseball team.

Miles went out to pick up Spike Spiegel, who broke down on his way to Doohan's compound for repairs. Towing the Swordfish II back to the compound, he tried to get along with Spike like he usually did, but Spike rarely reciprocated. Miles helped with the repairs, including ordering a part from Reggie. Later, when Spike left, Miles caught the conversations between the Swordfish and the Bebop, detecting trouble. He informed Doohan, and, when Doohan insisted on using the Columbia space shuttle to help them, Miles towed out the ship and co-piloted the ship into orbit. Together, they successfully caught the Swordfish and saved Spike. Later, they all survived a precarious landing.[1]