"Do you believe in the devil? Humans see all kinds of beans my friend, but we make up imaginary ones, with pointy horns and pitchforks. In our dreams, we fly like gods, and why is that, huh? Because humans used to fly not too long ago."
―Dr. Mendelo al-Hedia[src]

Doctor Mendelo al-Hedia was a professor at SIT and later a scientist in the Mars Army.

Al-Hedia entered SIT as a student in 2042 and graduated in 2048. He joined the ninth research team there and continued working until being promoted to professor in 2056. He became a leader in nano-machinery and one of the foremost experts. In 2059, he won the Mars Prize of Technology. In 2062, he retired from academia.

Al-Hedia later joined the military's research and development wing where he developed a kind of nano-machinery that was to be used as a virus for the military, part of a secret project. He also vaccinated Vincent in attempt to keep it under control.

By 2068, Al-Hedia decided he couldn't allow the project to continue due to its ramifications. He deleted all the data he could and escaped, taking refuge in Mars' Moroccan street area and assuming a new identity, Rashid. He gradually became popular with many other folks in the area, and sold beans in a shop. He often carried a grenade-shaped lighter with an unnecessarily large flame.

In 2071, he observed Spike Spiegel asking around for him soon after Vincent's first attack. Waiting for him to sit down in a certain area, he approached him and subtly asked what he was looking for. Spike followed him and stated he was looking for him, and, after judging his character, Rashid took Spike to an antique shop. The owner there gave him a vase with a sample of the nano-bots and Al-Hedia quickly left the shop and disappeared. Spike sought him out again several days later, and he came to give Spike the full story about himself, as Rashid. He left quickly as armed men converged on the location to capture Spike.[1]


  • Al-Hedia's forename, Mendelo, could be a reference to Gregor Mendel, a German scientist whose work was foundational to the science of heredity, and who primarily carried out his research using pea and bean plants.
  • He is based off a tour guide the production team visited in Morocco.
  • Much of the character's background was read off a screen in the scene.


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