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Mel is a mechanic in the Cowboy Bebop (Netflix) adaptation.


Mel has brown hair and blue eyes. She wears a gray jacket over a black tank-top and brown pants.


Mel has extensive mechanical knowledge involving spaceships. She's also shown to be flirtatious as seen with Faye.



Docked on some planet, Jet oversees the mechanic named Mel examine the Bebop's engine and notes the various problems wrong with it while disparaging its handyman. Jet becomes apprehensive not only because he's the one who fixes and maintains the Bebop's engine repairs, but also he thinks he's trying to fleece him for extra money on parts and labor. Claiming that Jet needs a new J92 stabilizing coil for the ship, Mel happens to have one in the truck and will sell it to him for 15k Woolong. In a rebuttal, Jet claims he could get a refurbished one down the street for half a ham sandwich. On the other hand, Mel claims that Jet's in his current predicament because he got his current coil for a ham sandwich or just the ham. Obstinate to Mel's offer, Jet demands that Mel get the ship serviced and prep for installation and walks away as his cell phone beeps.[1]

At Spike's room, Jet informs Spike about how the mechanic has them by the jewels and that she says they need a new stabilizer coil for the ship. Later, Jet sees Faye in the kitchen admiring her new rail gun and orders her to keep an eye on the mechanic down in the engine room. Later, Faye goes down into the engine room and becomes acquainted with Mel. The two begin to talk with each other about Jet being a dick, Faye's railgun, and how Mel's waiting for Jet to return with a new stabilizing coil.[1]

Afterward, the two have a heart-to-heart about how Mel was Faye's first sexual experience was with and about how Faye was a part of a premature cryostasis awakening. This caused her to develop amnesia and has no recollection of her entire past whatsoever, to that, Mel consoles Faye over it. Later, Jet catches the two of them make out in the middle of it and places close by to them a new stabilizer and orders them to have the wheels up in two minutes because Spike's in trouble. In the cockpit, Jet informs Mel that he got the stabilizer for 6K, however, it's not the J92, but the J72 as pointed out by Mel. Despite it not being able to fit in the machine, Jet urges her to make it work somehow as Faye offers to help. As the ship struggles to take flight, Mel frantically tries to cool down the motors to the engine as sparks fly, but somehow they manage to make it briefly work. Right as they reach Earth's atmosphere one of the Bebop's coils busts and Mel suggests that Jet power down or else the blocks will explode. Thanks to quick thinking from Faye to use the sprinklers and Mel rerouting the coolant, she's able to restabilize the ship.[1]

At their destination, Jet, Faye, and Mel find the mainframe that Cy-Baba inhabits. Because it's protected by a reinforced plastic shield, and their weapons prove futile against it. Faye uses her railgun with a bobby pin loaded in it and fires it causing the mainframe to explode and die. Sometime later, within Faye's room, the two say goodbye to one another, but not before Faye gives her railgun to Mel. Though Mel claims that Faye can take it back whenever she wants.[1]