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Mark Manly was a cryostasis company worker that worked with Whitney Haggis Matsumoto to swindle prematurely unfrozen people out of their money, in the Cowboy Bebop (Netflix) adaptation.


Mark had thinning ginger hair, a thick full beard, and blue eyes. He wore a fancy suit and black shoes.


Mark was a flimsy and milquetoast individual, who cracked under pressure.



Mark is confronted by Faye Valentine at an opera theater, over the fact that he and someone named Whitney Haggis Matsumoto swindled her of her identikit and her other possessions. Cracking under the pressure made by Faye, Mark contacts Whitney offering intel on another Amnesiac "Scam" victim they can cash in on. Amid this, however, individuals from the Callisto Liberation Front hijack the place and take Mark and a woman named Cadena hostage. Initially, Mark was going to be used as an example of a special grenade used to terraform planets, but he knocks it out of one of the CLF's hands and it goes off changing Cadena into a giant tree. From there, Mark is taken hostage and taken to the CLF's base, and off-screen is transformed into a tree as well. Eventually, Faye finds Mark's tree-like body to try and retrieve his phone from his jacket pocket.[1]