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Maria Murdock was the leader of an eco-terrorist organization, Callisto Liberation Front in the Cowboy Bebop (Netflix) adaptation.


Maria had long dark brown hair and eyes. She wore a purple dress, a long-rimmed hat, a necklace, earrings with a teardrop figure in the center, and heeled shoes.


Maria was a cunning, vile, and ruthless woman whose ardent desire to liberate Callisto of the terraforming done by the Kao Construction company. Furthermore, despite her children loyally working under her unconditionally, she would constantly berate and chastise them for their incompetence. This would especially be done to her only daughter Harrison who she wanted to be just like her.



The members of the Callisto Liberation Front aka her children held Loren Cadena CEO of Kao Construction as well as a man named Mark Manly hostage at an opera house. One of the members pushed a large box to be used as a stand and placed a holo figure and Maria made her grand appearance. She reprimands and chastises Cadena for her company's terraforming misdeeds on Callisto and demands that her company stop terraforming and completely vacate Callisto. If their demands were not met, then spores used to Terraform the planet would be used on her. Mark was going to be used as an example of the use of the spores, but he knocks the spore grenade out of the CLF's member's hand activating it and causing Cadena to be transformed into a tree. This not only makes Maria lose face, but also her leverage to have her demands met. Frustrated by this outcome, Maria turns off the holo device as hell and havoc break out in the opera house.[1]

Eventually, Maria reprimands her children for their failure to capture Cadena, and instead, they killed her, something she specifically said not to do. The lion share of the blame for the failed mission is put on her daughter Harrison who is told by Maria that she wants her to be ruthless like her. It's then revealed by Harrison that they took Mark hostage which upsets Maria. Wanting to waste no more time, Maria has Harrison fetch everything of value from the ship they stole and accompanied by Derek and Ron heads to their main ship. Their goal now was to head to Callisto and steal some terraforming missiles from the children's father Howard.[1]

Once the missiles were set and loaded, Maria and her daughter Harrison tried to return to their ship only to be ambushed by Faye. Both Faye and Harrison fight each other, but Harrison manages to escape thanks to Faye getting ahold of Mark's phone. Soon afterward, Faye manages to destroy the missiles, foiling Maria's plans. In outer space with her daughter Harrison, Maria laments her plans being foiled, how in her childhood she climbed a tall tree to reach heaven, and how she'll spend the rest of her life in jail with Harrison. Not wanting to spend the rest of her life in jail with her mother, Harrison pulls out a spore grenade and despite her mother's protests quotes her mother of how she should be smart and "Ruthless" and pulls the pin.[1]