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"Now all of you, become apes!"
―Maria Murdock[src]

"Twinkle" Maria Murdock (トゥインクル・マリア・マードック?) was the leader of an eco-terrorist organization, Space Warriors.

Murdock led the members of the once-peaceful environmental group in a more radical direction, believing humans had no right to interfere with nature. Eventually, she led the plan to infect the moon of Ganymede with a genetic-altering virus. She, therefore, had a 25 million Woolong bounty placed on her.

Murdock was briefly captured by the crew of The Bebop in a restaurant near Ganymede. Knowing her group would be able to rescind the bounty through a threat of the virus, she played along and was held on the ship. Jet eventually found out the bounty was canceled and was forced to release her. During her time there, she found out that the group somehow came across one of the vials of the virus, but did not make it known that she knew what it was. Spike, however, knew and slipped it into her pocket as she left to rejoin her group.

Once back on her ship, Murdock learned that the ISSP Chief had only limited the hunting of Sea Rats, not prohibited. She then told him she would release part of the virus. The plan was thwarted when the Ganymede Astral Gate was closed, trapping her ship and forcing them to slow down rapidly. The virus container in her pocket (courtesy of Spike) came out and she watched in terror as it smashed, exposing them all to the gas.

Maria Murdock and her group fittingly ended up the victims of their own virus, doomed to spend the rest of their lives as monkeys.[2]


Murdock was voiced by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn in English. Voiced by Mari Arita in Japanese.[3]



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