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Mao Yenrai was a high-ranking member of the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate in the Cowboy Bebop (Netflix) adaptation.


Mao has long black hair and brown eyes.


Mao is a blunt and no-nonsense lady.



A meeting between Vicious and Mao is arranged, however, a condition is had to have Julia attend the meeting as well. Although the condition agitates Vicious, he agrees to it and later meets with Mao who is furious that he lent him her best assassin Gunther and he had him killed. Vicious, on the other hand, claims that the loss of Gunther was an unfortunate one and that the one who killed him was immaterial and he will compensate her for her loss. He then offers her the opportunity to become an Elder along with himself and Santiago. Skeptical that Santiago will agree to the deal, Mao elucidates to Vicious how Santiago got his moniker of "Eunuch". Contrary to the belief that one may think he himself is a eunuch, in fact, he made the first man who ever wronged him one. To sweeten the deal, Vicious offers 2% of his own net and the Ganymede territories. Mao agrees to the offer under the condition that Julia sings for her. The request upsets Vicious and loses his temper when Mao says that Fearless was better than him. Vicious then tries to leave with Julia, but she stays behind and sings for Mao. Afterward, Vicious told Julia that what she did back at the meeting humiliated him, but Julia argues that once Mao was privy to the plan they needed for her to agree to it.[1]

A between Santiago, Mao, and Vicious meeting is held at Santiago's manor. Santiago humored that the three of them have gathered at his manor claims that such an occasion deserves a special treat to mark the occasion. His servants then pour the group a fancy bottle of wine for them all. Mao respectfully drinks her glass, while Vicious quickly drinks his and gives a snide remark about if he should return at a later time. Although the remark from Vicious was curt and disrespectful, it humors Santiago and they begin talking about the plan to overthrow The Van with a 2% bonus for the two of them. Contemplating over the offer for a bit, Santiago requests that instead of 2% it'd be 3%. This compromise unnerves Vicious, but he concedes to it, which elates Santiago.[2]

Afterward in her workshop, Julia meets with Mao and requests that instead of following through with Vicious' plan, she instead execute him and take over the Syndicate. Curious to know what's in it for her in the double-cross, Julia answers that it's a ticket out of the Syndicate and leaves.[2]

On the night of the plan, the plan turns out to be a ruse as Vicious switched places with Santiago when he was supposed to be executed. He then slices open Mao's stomach and after killing everyone else there including the Van, Vicious goes to finish off Mao, but before she's killed she requests that he relay a message to Julia. Vicious asks if the message was that she was sorry that she asked her to sing, but Mao claims it was that she failed to deliver his head to her. While Mao laughs out loud, Vicious proceeds to slice off her head, and with it in his hands when he returns to his penthouse, Vicious shows it to Julia only to then throw it into his fireplace.[3]