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Pierrot Le Fou (or Mad Pierrot) is a crazed serial killer in the Cowboy Bebop (Netflix) adaptation.


Le Fou has dirty gray hair, a matching color full beard, and brown bloodshot eyes, possibly due to his Red Eye addiction. In his first appearance, Le Fou wore a strait-jacket. When he confronted Spike, Jet, Faye, and Ein, he wore a brown trench coat over gray clothing and brown boots with jet accelerators attached to them. Once he reaches Earthland, he finds a black pinstriped suit and top hat and puts on some white makeup with black mascara.


Le Fou retains his insane maniacal and child-like demeanor from the original anime. However, in this carnation of him, Le Fou hates and is afraid of dogs instead of his counterpart's hate and fear of cats.


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Invading the Cherious Medical, Vicious, Lin, and Shin are led by Godard who by gunpoint takes them to where Le Fou is. Despite Godard's pleas to not release him, Shin and Lin comment that Le Fou is the best hitman in the galaxy and that Vicious wants him to be released. Still, Godard tries to reason with them all, claiming he was made to be addicted to Red Eye as a way to control him and his time spent on Titan made him uncontrollable. Vicious then grabs Godard and points his own gun at her, then personally demands that she release him. He throws Godard to a computer table where she begrudgingly uses to let Le Fou out of his prison cell. Leaving his cell, Le Fou is asked for his name by Vicious and he introduces him as Le Fou, Pierrot Le Fou. The dogs in the place then all start to bark and Godard comments how he hates dogs, and Le Fou screams out loud having flashbacks of when Godard experimented on him. Le Fou then turns his attention to Godard commenting that he not only hates dogs. Fearful and panic-stricken, Godard comments that this is why they call Le Fou the Mad Pierrot and is then shot dead by Vicious, and Le Fou thanks him for that. Vicious then asks Le Fou if he wants to repay him for killing Godard by doing a job for him where the reward for completing it is as much Red Eye as he wants. Asking who his target is, Vicious tells Le Fou to Kill Spike Spiegel.[1]

As Jet, Spike, Faye, and Ein walk down an alleyway after spending time at a bowling alley, Le Fou confronts Jet and Spike. At the stroke of the 13th hour, Le Fou unveils the array of weapons he hid underneath his trench coat. While rushing for cover, both Jet and Spike shoot their weapons at Le Fou, but he's protected by an invisible barrier. Laughing off the failed attempt to gun him down, Le Fou then dual-wields a shotgun and SMG against the two Cowboys as they continue to fire off at him in an attempt to damage him. Out of bullets, Le Fou drops his weapons and pulls out a grenade, and throws it under the car Jet took cover by. Escaping down the alleyway where Faye took Ein to take a leak behind a garbage bin, Jet pushes Faye to safety as the exploded car falls by them. With their way of escape blocked by the burning car, Spike is left to fend for himself against Le Fou who easily overwhelms him. As that goes on, Spike has Faye help him push the waste bin and use it as a bridge to cross the flaming fire from the car. Back to Spike who is at the mercy of Le Fou relays a message from Vicious who sends his regards. Quick thinking from Spike allows him to break free from Le Fou's grasp by activating his jet boots, but in retaliation, Le Fou uses his blow torch to set Spike's left arm on fire. Jet then intervenes and saves Spike, but Le Fou now duo-wielding two pistols aims them at both Jet and Spike. He, however, stops when he spots and hears Ein barking at him. Taking full advantage of this diversion, the group escape leaving Le Fou despondent and he disappears into the night.[1]

On the Bebop, Jet and Faye tend to the wounds that Spike received from Le Fou while Faye tries to talk about her encounter with Le Fou saying "Die, die, die" to her. After Spike was set up for the treatment for his wounds, Jet heads off to see Woodcock to find out more information on Le Fou. However, she's unable to get a shred of information on Le Fou due to a complete scrub on him and believes it's because of a powerful organization that has that kind of power to accomplish this.[1]

Waking up in his room now sporting an arm cast around his left arm, Spike is treated to some spiced rum compliments of Jet's personal stash. Spike asks if they're toasting to getting their butts whooped to Le Fou, but Jet remarks it's for Spike being alive. He then tries to coax Spike into telling him what Le Fou told him, but Spike brushes off the question claiming Le Fou told Ein "Die, die, die". Meanwhile, Le Fou was having a panic attack recalling Godard performing neuro-linked experiments on him as she chanted to him, "Go to your happy place". Following that remark, Le Fou goes to a place called Earthland a place where he recalls going to in his childhood. Returning to the Bebop, Spike uses the computer there to find information on Le Fou but Jet tries to get Spike to reveal what Le Fou told him. At that same time, Le Fou uses a portable computer on his arm to hack into Ein and use him as a projector to deliver Spike a message. Le Fou threatens to blow up his ship and kill his friends unless he meets him at a predetermined location within two hours. Spike then heads to his room and is followed by Jet, but Faye stays behind astounded by Ein projecting movies from his eyes.[1]

After giving his message to Spike, Le Fou finds the outfit for Tongpu and after reciting something in French, manically laughs. Back on the Bebop, Spike prepares himself despite Jet's admonishment. It's due to Jet and Faye confronting Spike over him wanting to go in alone after Le Fou, he concedes to allow them to come along. As a precaution, they follow Faye's advice to leave Ein behind. Afterward, the Bebop crew goes over the three-phase plan twice, Spike rides his Swordfish II to Earthland. On route to his destination, Spike uploads a virus into the Bebop mainframe which causes the ship to power down. Faye believed the one responsible was Le Fou, however, Jet realizes that it was Spike who did it.[1]

At Earthland, Spike is greeted by Le Fou as the amusement park he's in lights up while the rides and fun booths activate. Wasting no time, Le Fou fires off his assault rifle and Spike throws a throwing knife at him, but it misses. The fight continues like this as Spike uses guerrilla warfare tactics against Le Fou. On the merry-go-round, Spike manages to disarm Le Fou of his rifle and cut his suit on the center of his chest. Still, Le Fou is able to get the upper hand on Spike knocking off the ride and using a grenade launcher against him. Cornered into a shooting range booth with only one knife left, Spike finds a mechanical toy dog and uses it against Le Fou. This allows Spike to distract Le Fou long enough to stab him in his leg. In doing this, Le Fou cries for his mommy, and Spike then activates his jet boots causing Le Fou to fly to his death into the air. However, the strap to his grenade belt snaps and drops onto the ground causing it to explode on impact, but thankfully Spike managed to dodge the explosion.[1]

In the aftermath of his fight with Le Fou, Spike has a brief flashback of his fight with the maniac as he dives in and out of consciousness.[2]


  • What Pierrot says in French in front of Tongpu's outfit is Roy Batty's Tears in Rain monologue in the movie Blade Runner, but shortened by removing the passage saying "Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion... I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate...".