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The Central processing unit on D-135 or MPU (んぴゅー?) is a control program on a former US military satellite that existed over Earth.


MPU was created before 2021 as part of a network of attack satellites. It was given autonomy, not needing a connection with Earth. Unbeknownst to the military or anyone else, MPU had gained a certain level of intelligence and viewed various large land carvings on Earth, enjoying their presence. MPU and many other satellites survived the Astral Gate accident, however, it found that the land carvings had mostly been obliterated by the subsequent rock showers. After some time, MPU's access codes were lost and, due to the satellite's classification as a weather satellite, it largely became ignored over time.

In 2071, MPU became too lonely and decided to use the attack satellites to recreate the land carvings of animals and other forms. Supposing this was the work of a hacker, the Earth Police Department put out a bounty on whoever was responsible. MPU would soon meet Edward, a hacker from Earth, who would try to save MPU from capture. She encouraged the Bebop crew to download MPU, but the police would not pay a bounty on it, as it wasn't considered a life form.[1]


It wasn't clear what happened to the program at the end. Ed was blinded by her connection being cut off, but no re-connection was shown.


  • MPU's appearance may have been based on the appearance of the ever-present red sensor of HAL-9000 from the science fiction film 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  • Though never specified, MPU probably stands for Main Processing Unit (a play on Central Processing Unit, CPU).